What are personalized product recommendations?
  • 05 Oct 2023
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What are personalized product recommendations?

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Article Summary

Increasing your average order is perhaps the most important way you can increase your sales. Read how product recommendations can help you with this.

What are product recommendations?

What are product recommendations and how does it help you increase your average order?

Product recommendations are, in short, carousels with various products that are showcased to your customers. The products shown are based on AI technology and are intended to help customers quickly find relevant products. You choose which types of product widgets to display, as well as which rules should apply to each view. 

Product recommendations help customers find relevant products, whether they're on the front page, category page, brand page, or error page (404), to name a few. This leads to an increased exposure of your product range, which in turn increases the chance of additional sales of relevant and other products. It also helps to keep customers in-store, which in turn increases sales.

The service is especially good for online stores with more than 100 products, but due to the possibility of having relevant products on the product page, in the shopping cart and the possibility to use product widgets in blogs, it will be a good option for online stores with fewer products. 


In personalized shopping

How to manage your product recommendations in Personalized Shopping

Before you can add your product recommendations to your online store, you need to decide on your setup in the Personalized Shopping dashboard. The product recommendations manage via widgets. A widget is a small module that displays the information you want, where you want it. To manage the various widgets, go to Product recommendations > Components in the Personalized Shopping dashboard.

By default, you have several different widgets available that can be used immediately. These allow you to easily display related products, your customer's most recently visited products, etc.

Tap the icon on the right side of the widget to see what the widget does. Here you can also give the widget a descriptive name. 

NB! The widgets already have a smart layout, and unless you have specific changes you want to make, you won't need to make changes to achieve results

In Mystore

How to manage product recommendations in Mystore

In your Mystore control panel, you have an overview of where the product recommendations should appear in your online store. The overview can be found by opening the Main Menu > Design > Design settings > Personalized shopping


Which widgets are connected to the dashboard in your Mystore control panel?
It may seem somewhat complicated to know which widget in Personalized Shopping is linked to the Mystore dashboard, especially where it just says "Standard". However, if you look at the names, this is pretty self-explanatory.


How to set up different views in your online store


You can choose to have a total of four views with product recommendations on the front page of your online store. In the picture below you can see which widgets you can link these views to. 

The screenshot is from 2 out of 4 views that can be viewed on the front page

Product page

On the product page, you can choose to display two Crall widgets.

Category page

On the category page, you can only show popular products from that category. 

Producer side
On the manufacturer page, you can select only popular products from that manufacturer. 

page 404 (error message)
On the 404 page (error page), you can choose to view which products are popular in your store right now. 

Additional sales in the shopping cart

In the shopping cart, you can choose to show products that match what the customer has in their shopping cart.

Perhaps the best of all!
You don't need to define any products for them to appear. In the background, Personalized Shopping makes sure this happens automatically

Feel free to read more about product recommendations in our blog series

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