This is America
  • 05 Oct 2023
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This is America

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Article summary

Banner images

In the menu option "Banner images" you have access to all banner positions available for the template America:

Video banner

Especially for the "Video banner" you can upload a YouTube video. You can choose whether the video starts automatically when the page loads or if customers have to click on the video banner to launch it. Upload the video you wish to use via YouTube. Once the video is uploaded and you have got a URL, copy the address after "=" and enter it in the "YouTube link" field.

If you do not want to display the video banner, you can change the field to "Do not show banner" and then "Banner A1" will appear at the top of the front page.

Banner A1

Under "Banner A1" you can upload up to 5 images that will be displayed as a carousel on the page. Each image is displayed at given intervals. You can add links to categories, product pages, or other relevant pages in your online store.

If you want to adjust the speed and time interval between each ad banner, you can change this under "Advanced settings" > "Banner A1 time settings".

Banners B1-B2, C,D, F1-F4, G1-G4 and H1-H4

Banners are grouped with letters and numbers. Each letter represents a row, and the numbers indicate the order from left to right as they appear on the page.

Click on the gray bar to open each banner's menu. Here you can upload images, add links that the individual banner should link to (for example, product pages, category pages or other content). It is also possible to add external links if relevant.

You can also change the position of ad banners B1-B2, C and D. This can be changed under each of these banner types, in the "Banner placement" field.

In addition, it is possible to upload your own mobile banners for ad banners C and D.

Sizes of banners

The recommended sizes for your images are listed below each of the different ad banners.


Top bar and menu

Top Line

Here you can embed promotional arguments, slogans or slogans for your online store. This will appear on the left of the top bar.

"Slogan #1 in top bar" is the field that will appear in mobile view

Mega menu

Under the Mega menu, you can adjust the number of columns to display in the menu, and choose whether to display Tags, News, and Offers in the mega menu.

General Settings

You can change the view for the Megamenu here, either left or full-width. You can also choose whether the menu and logo should be left-facing or full-width.

Left menu and logo:

Full-width mega menu and left-hand logo:

Under " Width of Top Line" select how the distribution of that items (slogans and page links) should be. 


"Show photos in mobile menu"

Here you can choose whether you should only have category text:

or category text and images in the mobile menu.

If you want category text and images, you can upload images in the categories. Do this under "Product catalogue" > "Products" and press "pencil" to the right of the category and press "Choose File":

If you want to display icons, you can download these from, for example, or or find another page where you can download icons.

"Show contact information in mobile menu" 

You can choose whether or not to display your online store's company information in the mobile menu.

"Show images in desktop menu"

You can choose whether or not you want to display category images on category pages

"Select shopping cart icon"

In this setting, you can choose what appearance the shopping cart icon should have - Shopping cart, Shopping bag or Shopping cart.

Bottom line

Contact us

Choose which company information to display in the bottom line of your online store.

Social Media

Here you can enter the online store's Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat address.


If you wish, you can enter your domain name for the online store, for example
" 2019" ©


The left bottom line (using content from the default bottom line) is a ready-made bottom line and retrieves information from which you enter. The information under "About Us" is retrieved from Configuration > General.
The page links available under "Customer Service" can be added under Design > Main Menu/Content

Changing to "Centered Bottom Line (User Widgets)" will disappear and allow you to customize the bottom line using Widgets.
You can add Widgets under "Design" > "Boxes in menu bars" This is a drag-and-drop where you drag widgets from "Available widgets" over to "Active widgets"

"Show white Klarna logo" 

Here you change the Klarna logo at the bottom of the bottom bar. If you have a light background color, this can be set to "Off" If you have a dark background, this changes to "On"


The design template has many settings for colors that can be selected.
Here you change colors for top line, mega menu, product boxes, footer (footer), text colors and general (background color, color of buttons and etc.)

Font types and sizes

In this setting, you can adjust text size in mega menu, whether text should be in block letters or lowercase. Under "General Settings" you can change the main font in the online store, fonts on headings and thickness of fonts in headers.

System texts and headings

Front page text

Here you can change titles on the front page of the online store.
This is the heading for "Selected Products". You can add these products below
"Product Catalogue" > "Selected Products.
You can also change the title of "New Products" and "Offer Products".

If you wish to turn off any of these views, this can be done under "Configuration" > "General" > "Product Display"

You can also change the title for your Instagram feed if you wish. If you do not have an Instagram feed, this can be ordered via our app page

It is also possible to adjust the headings on the front page, whether the text should be centered, left or right-aligned.

Texts on product boxes

In this setting, you change what text should be on the product boxes for products that are new or on offer. In addition, you can choose to display either the text in the "Text on sale products" field or whether offer prices should be displayed in %.

Product page

Under "General Settings", you can choose the type of product page you should have. If you change between these 3 options, it is recommended to check in the online store on a product page, how the layout will be.
It is possible to view the manufacturer, stock status, article number here.

Product box setup

Product setup and category boxes

Here you'll find settings for adjusting how many product boxes appear per row on the front page and category pages, broken down by the type of device (screen size) customers use when visiting the page.
In addition, you can choose whether "New" and "Offer" and possibly the manufacturer logo should be inside the product boxes

or on the outside

General Settings

"Image ratio"

Here, you set up what format your product images should be, square, landscape or portrait images. It is important to know that this will apply to all product images in the online store.
The images do not necessarily have to be as tall as they are wide, the most important thing is that they have the same aspect ratio.
The recommended size of product images is 1200x1200px.
See our article on how to get great product photos. 

"Show long product titles"

If you have long product titles, you can turn on this setting and product titles will appear over two lines. In addition, you can change this under Configuration > General > Appearance and "Length of product titles in lists" and "Length of product descriptions in lists"

"Alignment of text in product boxes"

You can choose whether the product text is left or centered.

"Show buy button in product boxes"

If you turn this on, the buy button will also appear in the product boxes.

Further under "General settings" you have the option to choose whether "Newness" and "Offers" should appear in the product boxes. You can also turn on the display of the manufacturer logo, product description, manufacturer name, item number in the product boxes. You can adjust how long the "New" banner appears in the product boxes.

Side menu

If you activate the side menu, the Mega / top menu will be removed, and the side menu will be visible.

In the settings here, you can change the font size, colors of text and links, and the color of the border around the side menu.

Advanced settings

"Banner A1 time settings"

Here you change how quickly ad banner A1 should change and also the time interval on how often the ad banner should be replaced with the next.

General Settings

"OpenGraph image" 
When you share a link from the online store on Facebook, the largest banner image is usually displayed from the front page. If the image is not large enough, then a small square image will appear. Some also experience that no picture is shown, only the headline and introduction. Then the recipe below is the solution to the problem. This article shows how to add and replace an image in your online store.

"Show breadcrumbs on mobile"

This is a setting to show breadcrumbs on mobile, if you have a lot of categories:

 "Map coordinates"

Here you can enter coordinates of where your online store is located in the country. Enter your coordinates and on the "Contact us" page you will get a map showing the correct location for your store.


Here you can adjust the placement of Trustpilot in your online store. If you do not have Trustpilot installed in your store, you can send us an email on and we will help you with this. 

Personalized shopping

If you want to install Personaliset shopping in your online store, you can order this integration via our app page

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