Startup checklist
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Startup checklist

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You can scroll down or use the table of contents at a given point to jump directly to this.
If you want, you can also download a printable version if you like to have the list next to you while you work, so you can jot down and iron out as you finish a point. 

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A domain is the address you connect your website to, which makes it much easier to make your website visible. is, for example, a domain name.

Have you reserved or purchased the domain you're going to use for your online store? 

If you do not already have this in place, we recommend that you arrange it as soon as possible. You can buy a domain at, for example, Domeneshop.

Here you can also buy email addresses associated with the domain.
Ex: If you buy domain, you can have email addresses that or

You do not need to buy web hosting from the domain provider, you get that from us.

  1. Buy domain
  2. Buy email addresses

Related Help Articles

Get to know the Help Center

You will find the answers to many of your questions here in the Help Center.

Here you will find practical guides, help texts, videos and explanations of functions and services.

  1. Go to the "Get Started" tab, here we have created a series of help articles that will guide you in your start-up.

Products & Categories (SEO)

The most important aspect of your online store is of course the products you are going to sell.
When you're building your store, we recommend that you start by making a plan for your product strategy. While it can be tempting to quickly create products, you may want to take the time to think about the category structure and how the products will be organized. This will save you extra clicking and duplication of effort. 

Start by creating the category structure as you envision it to look. You can then add manufacturers and variants and create full-fledged products that are placed in their corresponding categories. This will contribute to a neat and clear store, which provides a good shopping experience for your customers.

  1. Manufacturers
    Enter the brands you sell as manufacturers in the online store. This gives each brand its own page which is very good for visibility in Google. And it gives you the opportunity to link your products to your brand so that the customer can easily see all products from one brand.

    Read more here.
  2. Varieties
    Variants are used when you want the customer to select a variant of the product before adding it to their cart. For example, on clothing, you want the customer to choose small, medium or large.
    Read more here.
  3. Categories
    You save yourself extra work by setting up the category structure in your online store before filling up with products.
    It is also very smart to enter category descriptions, this so that Google (and other search engines) can see what you are selling so that you can make yourself visible.

    Read more here.
  4. Products
    Once you have the manufacturers and categories like that in place, it's time to add products.

    Read more here.

Articles related to the topics above can be found here.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

You will get a lot out of working with the content of the online store and visibility on search engines. It's also a great idea to track all activity and get to know how your online store visitors behave. Here's a list of steps you can take. If you have We Fix + we will help you with this. 

On the front page of your control panel, at the very bottom, you will find a checklist of tasks that help create more traffic to your store. We recommend reviewing the list to make sure that your store, and your products, have the information they need at all times.

We recommend focusing on the following points to start with: 

  1. Become visible in Google  - listing in search engines
  2. Meta content - front page
  3. Categories
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Google Search Console

Articles related to the topics above can be found here.

Custom pages

Custom pages, or static pages, can be used to provide useful information about your online store to customers and visitors.
Your store comes with some common pages like "Terms of Sale" and "About Us" that should be edited, and otherwise you can create your own pages here if you need to. 

You can edit and create pages by going to the Design > Main Menu/Content in your control panel.

Here we would also recommend using the checklist in the control panel for complete guidance for the list below. You can find it at the bottom of the front page. 

  1. Terms of sale
    There is a proposed terms of sale ready in your store, but you need to go over these and add the correct company details. 
  2. Privacy
    As an online store owner, you must have good routines to safeguard the privacy of your customers.
    You can choose to write this yourself, or use our privacy policy template. The template can be found here.
  3. About us
    This is a page that is important both for visibility in Google and, not least, for building trust and relationships with your customers. A good about us page will increase the likelihood of customers shopping with you. 
  4. Contact us
    Make it easy for your customers to reach you if they have questions. Your contact us page shows potential customers how to get in touch with you.

During the application process, Klarna and Vipps will check your terms of sale and that the company information displayed in the online shop is correct. It is therefore smart that you go over this before applying.

Payment solutions

A good experience at the moment of payment can be what determines whether the customer chooses to shop with you or not, or if they want to come back to shop with you again.

We offer well-established payment solutions that have good conversion and high trust in the market, thus creating security for your customers.
At Mystore, there is no setup fee or monthly cost for setting up payment solutions. You only pay transaction fees per transaction.

  1. Klarna
  2. Vipps
  3. Adyen (POS)


The Klarna application is started automatically when you activate your store. Part 2 of the application must be completed by a person with signature rights in the company. You can follow the status of the application from the front page of your control panel. 

Important! How long it takes before Klarna is ready for use depends largely on how well the preparatory work has been done before the application is submitted. Go over this process before filling out part 2 of the application.

Read the full help article regarding Klarna here.


Vipps is not automatically applied for, this must be done manually. To get Vipps as a payment solution in the store, you then submit an application via Vipps' pages, see order.

If you are going to use Vipps in the POS / POS system, you also go to the order link above.

Once you have submitted your application, Vipps will process it as quickly as possible, the average processing time is 1-2 weeks as long as all documentation is presented correctly.

Read the full help article regarding Vipps here. 


To get Adyen as a payment solution in the store, you then submit an application via our control panel, to get a link to the application then contact sales or customer support.

This application requires ID, certificate of registration and bank statement from a person with the right to sign, see required documentation.

Once you have submitted your application, Adyen will process it as quickly as possible, the average processing time is 1-2 weeks as long as all documentation is properly submitted. ref: The process

The transaction fees for Adyen follow a dynamic model based on how much revenue you have per month. ref: Fee

Adyen makes daily payments Monday through Friday with a delay of 2-3 business days. This delay is due to the fact that the transactions to Visa and Mastercard are not fully processed for approximately 2 business days. ref: Payouts

Read the full help article regarding Adyen here.


No matter what you are going to sell, you need to deal with shipping and not least what options for shipping you want to show to your customers in the online store. You can read more about the key points to get started with shipping here.

Here are the points you should have ready before launching your online store:

  1. Apply for freight agreements
  2. Have a way to create submissions
  3. Setting up shipping methods in your online store

We have negotiated a corporate agreement with both Bring and PostNord for you. Read more about Mystore Frakt here. 


Having an inviting design and a clear online store is crucial for creating sales.
We have collected the most important points about design for you in this article.

  1. Choose your design template
  2. Upload logo
  3. Choose colors
  4. Customize menu and top bar
  5. Font type and size
  6. Create and upload banner images
  7. Tips for good product photos



Once you have laid a solid foundation with a good and well-designed online store, it is time to look at which channels can drive traffic and revenue to your online store. 

Even if you have followed all of the above and facilitated organic visibility (visibility in search engines without advertising), it can take a long time before you eventually end up on the first page of a Google search, on a desired keyword.

Therefore, think about where and how you are going to reach out to your potential customers.
Should you buy ads? Are you going to collaborate with an influencer? Are you going to run a competition? Collect email addresses? Creating a customer club? The possibilities are many.

What's important anyway is to be visible. Be active. And preferably where your customers are. That may go without saying. 

  1. Advertising on Google
  2. Advertising on Facebook/instagram
  3. Collect email addresses
  4. Newsletter
  5. Social Media 

Extended Services

Here you will find an overview of which apps are available in your package.


Mystore Logistics is a business system that helps you get a better bottom line. Efficiency and control give you a better flow of goods.

The logistics packages are additional packages you can choose alongside your pricing plan.
The solution optimizes the flow between purchasing and order processing and helps you gain control of the warehouse, as well as remove frustrations and time thieves in several places in the process, so you can save time, money and facilitate quality, satisfied customers and increased sales.

Full overview of our logistics packages can be found here.

All help articles dealing with logistics can be found her.

Personalized shopping

Personalized shopping gives your customers an even better experience of your online store. Personalized shopping consists of three different packages included in your Mystore pricing plan.
Here you will get an overview of what is included in your plan and associated help articles.

Personalized search is included in all our packages.
Personalized product recommendations are included in the Smart and Plus packages.
Personalized shopping – Platform included in the Plus package.

Full overview of Personalized shopping services can be found here.


Accounting is something you necessarily have to deal with if you are going to run a store.
But do you NEED an integration between your webshop and your accounting system?
The answer is no. You don't have to, but you can. 

An integration will transfer information about the orders and help you with posting them. This can also be done manually. An integration with accounting is therefore a possibility, but not a must. Here is an overview of which systems we have solutions for.

Direct integrations
These are integrations that are operated and set up by Mystore in collaboration with the accounting system. 

Third-party integrations

These are integrations operated and set up by one of our integration partners ConnectMyApps or iizy, it requires a separate support agreement with our partner. 

Test - Prepare - Launch

Something we think is important is that you as the owner of the store have a relationship with how your customers experience shopping with you. Before launch, we therefore recommend that you make a real test purchase in your own store. In this way, you will gain insight into what the buying experience is like, what the order confirmation looks like, how to process an order and how to process a return. 

  1. Buy something in your own store
  2. Process your order
  3. Return the order

Then you're ready - now you can launch your store and immediately take your first real order. 

See our help article: How to process orders

Launch / Domain

Here you'll find information on how to connect your domain to your online store. 

Our Customer Service

After launching your online store, we are still available to you. Please contact us if there should be anything. We're here to help. 

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Telephone

Contact us here.


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