Snapchat Feed
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Snapchat Feed

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About Snapchat Feed

To get your products onto Snapchat, you need our app Snapchat Feed.
Here, you get access to a product feed that allows you to get your products on Snapchat.

The app also allows you to create dynamic ads based on your product catalog.
These products are automatically transferred from your online store to Snapchat, and the product catalog is updated once a day so you always get the latest prices and information.

You can find this app on our app page.

Setting up Snapchat Feed

If you've been sent a Snapchat Feed, that feed must be uploaded to your Snapchat Business Manager.

To get the feed linked, do the following:
- Go to the menu item in the upper left corner and click on "Business"
- Scroll down to "Catalogs"
- Click on "Use Porduct Feed". Give your catalogue a name, for example, "Store name in Product catalogue" and make sure the option "Use Product Feed" is checked.
- Enter your feed URL sent to you (/snappixel_feed.xml)
Leave "Username" and "Password" blank.
- Set time to "Daily" and time 06:00 and time zone "Europe/Oslo"
- Select your Snapchat Pixel in the field at the bottom of the page.
- Press "Create Catalog"
Add "Members" to the directory and rights either as admin or advertiser.
- Press +Add
The catalog is now loading.

You have now connected your Snapchat feed and product catalog from your online store in Snapchat Business Manager and can make use of Snapchat catalog ads.

Rejected products in Snapchat Feed

Products that Snapchat believes don't comply with its policies will appear as disapproved in your product catalog.
If you go to your Snapchat Business Manager and under the "Business" > "Catalogs" menu
Here you will find an overview if you have products that have been rejected for various reasons, under the point "Status"

If you click on the error notification under "Status" you will see why the products have been rejected.
The reason is often that the products lack important data such as the following:
- Product description
- Image of the product
- Product Price
- Google product category missing on product

To correct this, you will need to access the affected products and provide the necessary information so that they are approved and Snapchat allows them to be transferred in the product feed.

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