Shipping guide for Mystore Shipping
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Shipping guide for Mystore Shipping

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Mystore Frakt is a unique collaboration between Mystore, Postnord and Bring. The agreement gives you and your customers complete freedom to choose the shipping provider that suits you best. Here we go through the most important things you need to know to use the agreement.

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Practical information

Transfer of Information

To ensure a hassle-free shipment, it is important to make sure that all information transmitted to the shipping provider is correct and is shipped on time.

Transfer of correct customer information

It is crucial that the recipient's mobile number and/or email address is correctly registered. This is the only way the customer will be notified that the package has arrived. If the mobile number or e-mail address of the recipient is missing or mistyped, the package will be held at the delivery point for 14 days before it is returned at your expense.

Transmission of shipment information to shipping provider

It is also important to ensure that information about the shipment is sent to PostNord before parcels arrive at the shipping terminal.

You don't have to worry about this if you create broadcasts in one of the following ways:

  • Uses integration in your control panel that creates shipments directly via order processing (e.g. Logistra, Mybring, Booking Widget, etc.).
  • Create shipping labels directly via your customer portal at PostNord.

However, you need to be aware of this if you create transmissions manually in systems such as Logistra, nShift or Proteria. In such cases, it is very important to ensure that the shipment information is passed on. If not, the packets can "swirl around" in the system and either take a long time to arrive or, in the worst case, not arrive at all. If you are unsure about this point, please let us know and we will help you.

Volume weight

All shipping companies use volume weight or freight calculation weight. This means that you can sometimes settle for a higher weight than the actual weight of the package, based on the package's length, width, and height.

The formula for calculation is as follows: ((Width x Length x Height) / 1000) / 5.

For instance:

The actual weight of the package: 5 kg.

Dimensions: 30 x 40 x 25 cm.

= 30,000 / 1,000 = 30

30 / 5 = 6 kg in volume weight.

Both actual weight and volume weight are rounded up to the nearest whole kilogram. Please also note that as a Mystore Freight customer, you have the advantage that the volume weight is calculated by dividing by 5, while the normal is to divide by 3.5.

Zone tables

Zone tables for PostNord can be downloaded from their website.

Download here

Shipping via Postnord

Here are the most important things you need to know when sending parcels with Postnord via Mystore Shipping.

Choice of shipping method

It's important to choose the right shipping product based on what you're shipping. We have listed different shipping products and explained the types of shipments they are suitable for.

You can also use the shipping calculation tool in your control panel under Tools > Mystore Shipping. There you can enter the customer's address, measurements and weight of what you are going to send, and see available shipping methods and prices. For example, if you send a pallet, you will see that MyPack Home Small and MyPack Collect do not appear in the list because the package is too large or heavy for these methods.

MyPack Collect

MyPack Collect: Package with tracking for private individuals. Delivered to the customer's nearest delivery point, such as a grocery store or flower shop.

Dimensions and weight restrictions for MyPack Collect in Norway
Max real weight 35 kg
Max length 240 cm
Max length + circumference 360 cm

If the length exceeds 120 cm, a fee (which in 2019 is NOK 134) per piece will be charged.

PS! It is not profitable to send shipments with more than 1 piece as Collect. Feel free to contact us if you are in doubt about which shipping product to choose.

Mypack Home

Convenient door-to-door service. Delivered to private individuals. The recipient will be notified by SMS or e-mail the day before delivery and can choose the delivery option and time.
With MyPack Home, the customer has the opportunity to choose the following:

  • Date and time of delivery and within which time windows are appropriate to have the item delivered (time windows vary based on delivery address: 08:00–13:00, 13:00–17:00 or 17:00–21:00)
  • Delivery without verification.

Max dimensions and weight for MyPack Home
Maximum volume weight per VAT Shipment 2500 kg
Maximum volume weight per VAT Baggage 1000 kg
Max real weight 90 kg
No sides over 240 cm
Only one side over 200 cm
Only two sides over 100 cm

MyPack Home Small

Letter packages of maximum 5 kg delivered in the customer's mailbox or on the doormat. The package can be tracked all the way, but there is no liability for damaged or lost packages.  

Max Dimensions  and Weight for MyPack Home Small

Max length45 cm
Max weight5 kilograms
Length + width + thicknessNot exceeding 90 cm

What happens if the parcel does not fit in the mailbox? 

If the package does not fit in the mailbox, it will automatically be changed to MyPack Collect and delivered to the nearest delivery point. Additional charges may apply according to the price list.

If you activate the additional service "Bag on the door", the parcel will be hung on the recipient's door in a bag if it is too large for the mailbox. Additional charges may also be incurred according to the price list. You can find the price list in your control panel under Tools > Mystore Shipping > Price List.

Home Small Main Broadcast


Always remember to collect all MyPack Home Small shipments in one main broadcast.

Here are the steps to create a master broadcast:

  1. Create your shipments/shipping labels as usual either in the control panel or in the EDI program. Each package is labeled with a Home Small shipping label.
  2. Gather all Home Small packs in a larger collection box or bag. This box/bag should have its own label called "MyPack Home Small Bulk".
  3. Create the main broadcast in your EDI program.

The main broadcast is sent to: 

Name: Item letter split Alfaset 105

Address: Alfaset 3. Industrial Road 25

NO-0668 Oslo

Be sure to write your name and address exactly as indicated above. Note that the recipient must be the shipping payer, and the consignee's customer number is 3552692.

You can also create a master shipment from the Mystore Shipping dashboard in your control panel.

For more information on creating a master broadcast, see Logistra's help article:

The label should look like this:

Note! Absolutely all Home Small broadcasts should be included in a main broadcast - even in cases where you only have one broadcast.

You can have as many bags as you want in the main broadcast. The main shipments are free, you only pay per piece inside the box/bag.

Please note that compensation in accordance with NSAB does not apply to MyPack Home Small, and no compensation will be given for any damages or defects.

PostNord Parcel

A door-to-door service. Delivered to businesses. The packages are delivered by the end of the working day, no later than 18.00. Every shipment can be tracked.
Maximum dimensions and weight for Postnord Parcel: 

Maximum real weight 35 kg.
Minimum weight 150 g.
Maximum length 175 cm.
Maximum length + circumference 360 cm.

PostNord Groupage

For larger shipments to companies in the Nordic region. Large bags, several pieces or pallets.
See the agreement for specifications on this product.

PostNord Pallet

For larger shipments and pallets abroad.
See the agreement for specifications on this product. 

Your Postnord customer portal

PostNord offers a customer portal to all Mystore Freight customers. Here you can easily manage your shipments.

If you submit the following form , PostNord will create access to you.

The account should be ready within 1-2 business days.

Collection or delivery

Collection can be ordered in the portal ( or by telephone 98 70 93 00. Collection must be booked by 3pm to be picked up the next day. In some places, the deadline is 11 a.m. the same day. This can be checked with your nearest driving office. 

If you want a permanent pick-up agreement, this can be agreed directly with PostNord. Contact Customer Service in the portal: 

PostNord offers free collection of the parcels you need to send.

To create a pickup assignment in the portal

Select "specify dimensions" and "sender prints label".

Complaints and compensation

If you are unfortunate enough that a parcel is damaged or lost, submit a claim for compensation to PostNord via the Portal: 

Compensation claims must include the following information in order to be processed:

  • Consignment number
  • Compensation amount excluding VAT*
  • Copy of invoice/receipt of purchase
  • Number of items damaged or missing
  • Weight per piece
  • Description of the damage and preferably photo
  • Whether repair or rectification is possible
  • In case of total damage: Information about where the goods are located

* Exclude VAT if you who make the claim for compensation are VAT-registered.

Shipping via Bring

Which shipping method should you choose?

Which shipping method you ship with depends on what the customer orders. Read more about the shipping methods below.

Package to pickup point

A nationwide package service for you with an online store and which has private customers as a target group. The recipient picks up himself at the desired delivery point (convenience store, parcel boxes, post office).

  • Fast - delivery time 1-2 days to large parts of the country
  • Safe - good control with tracking along the way, and signature upon delivery
  • Flexible - meet customer needs with various additional services

Read more at Posten.

Parcel delivered to home

Parcel delivered home gives you home delivery to all households throughout the country, and the service handles parcels up to 35 kg. Next day delivery in large parts of Norway, and same-day delivery in all major cities.

  • Flexible - the recipient can change the delivery day along the way, and request that the package be left behind
  • Predictable - real-time tracking and SMS notification
  • Precise - 1 hour delivery window on delivery day
  • Fast - Same day delivery to all major cities

Read more at Posten.

Parcel in the mailbox

Send parcels up to 5 kg straight to the mailbox, and let your customers get the goods straight home. Perfect for those who do e-commerce.

  • Comfortable - your customers get the goods home in their mailbox
  • Cheap - smart solution for those who send a lot of small packages
  • Safe - possibility of additional tracking with RFID label

Max weight: 5 kg

Minimum Dimensions:

Max Dimensions :
- Length max 45 cm. Length + width + thickness = max 90 cm
- Roll: Length max 45 cm. Length + diameter + diameter = max 90 cm

Read more at Posten.

Bag on the door

Bag on the door is an extra offer from Bring where the postman can hang the parcel on the door instead of delivering the parcel to the nearest post office if there is no space in the mailbox.

In order for you to be able to offer this service to your customers, you are dependent on the consent of the end customer when ordering. This guide explains how you can easily use Bag on the door.

Please also note that there is a surcharge on this service. Read more.

Business Package

Send parcels up to 35 kg to companies throughout the country, including Svalbard and Spitsbergen. You book the service online. Bring's tracking system makes it easy for both you and the recipient to follow the package from start to finish.

How heavy and big?

Max weight: 35 kg

Max format: Length 240 cm and circumference + length 360 cm 

If your package is over 120 x 60 x 60 cm, or under 23 x 13 x 1 cm, it must be sorted manually and therefore incurs an additional price from 01.12.2022.

Submission of parcels or fixed pick-up agreement?

You can choose whether you want to hand in the packages you are going to send at Posten (can be for an additional fee, see the price list in the control panel), or whether you want to create a separate pick-up agreement so that Bring comes to you and picks up the packages.

Please note that collection is not included in the agreement, as it is with PostNord. 

Any pick-up agreement you create directly with Bring yourself. Go to this link and fill in to get a quote for a fixed pick-up deal.

You will then get in touch with our contact person at Bring, who will give you a quote based on geography, volume etc. You as a Mystore Freight customer will get a 20% discount on the pick-up agreement. 

Complaints and compensation

If you experience problems with shipments, you can easily send us an inquiry via your Mystore Shipping dashboard (Main Menu > Tools > Mystore Shipping) in your control panel. Tap Create support case to send us a ticket.




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