Image optimization via ShimmerCat
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Image optimization via ShimmerCat

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Article summary

What is ShimmerCat?

ShimmerCat is engaged in automatic image compression/optimization. Using AI, the images on the site are optimized, encoding the setting that produces the least amount of image size without sacrificing image quality. ShimmerCat is a simple add-on service that will help optimize and deliver images in next-gen formats. Next-gen image formats have significantly better compression and quality compared to older image formats such as PNG and JPEG.

  • Image optimization is all about reducing image file sizes as much as possible without sacrificing image quality – so the website loads faster

What does ShimmerCat do?

ShimmerCat optimizes the images in your online store automatically - without any extra work for you. 

  • ShimmerCat does not make any changes to the actual image size of your images. It is the weight of the images that is optimized/compressed.

Always delivers the least amount of file format

ShimmerCat always delivers the least amount of file format for those browsers that support multiple image formats. At the same time, they make sure that the images maintain a certain image quality. 

For example, in Chrome, ShimmerCat provides file formats such as AVIF, WebP, JPEG-XL, and optimized (with mozi) JPEG. In Safari, the competition will only be between WebP and JPEG. 

  • The effect of this is an average 20% additional compression. Instead of just using WebP for example. 

Maximizes the unique characteristics of each product image with machine learning

Instead of using a fixed-settings image tag once (the normal way of doing it), ShimmerCat uses this many times for a variety of settings, to search for the best results in terms of quality and file size. 

This means that in some cases the best optimized image will be in JPEG XL, in some cases WebP and other cases AVIF, and in some rare cases optimized JPEG. 

How to optimize the effect? 

For example, if you upload an image in JPEG with a file size of 2.5 KB, the image will most likely have already lost a lot of information due to compression. In this case, it is challenging to optimize the image without enhancing the image. 

We therefore recommend always striving to upload images with the highest possible file size. This helps ShimmerCat produce an optimized image where quality is maintained and file size is compressed to the maximum. 

See the effect with Mystore Chrome Extension

To see the effect of the image optimization, you can use a dedicated Chrome extension. This shows statistics about image optimization from ShimmerCat. You'll have the opportunity to see which images are optimized, in which formats, and how much they're compressed.

To add the Image Chrome Extension: 

  1. Select Google Chrome as your browser
  2. Download the Mystore Image Extension here
  3. Click Add to Chrome 
  4. Click Add extension
  5. Go to the landing page in your online store that you want to see the effect of the optimization on
  6. Click on the puzzle piece in the upper right corner and select Mystore Image Extension:

  7. Click Find optimized images:

Then you will get this information about the images that are on the landing page you are on:

Optimized images
See optimized images (highlighted in green).

Original images
See the original images of the images that have been optimized (highlighted in blue). 

Compression %
The percentage of images on that page in total are compressed.

Total optimized

Total weight of images after optimization. 

Total original

Total weight of images before optimization.




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