Product overview columns
  • 03 Oct 2023
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Product overview columns

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Article Summary

The feature allows you to customize the display of columns in the product overview.


The view has a standard selection of columns to make it easy to get an overview. These columns can be individually customized as needed.
To customize the view, click on the button "View" on the right side of the overview. 

Column selection and alignment

Once you click on the "View" button, a new window will open where the view can be customized.
The window is divided in two where on the left you see the available columns and on the right selected columns.
When you find a column you want to display, select it by clicking once, and then clicking "Add."
This will put the column at the bottom of "Selected". Placement can be adjusted using the arrow buttons in the center.

If you know the column you're looking for, you can easily search for it.
The search is located at the top on both the left and right sides. 

When you are satisfied with selected columns, click the green "Select" button. 

The view can be adjusted and customized at any time.

Tip! If you want to save some time, double-click the column you want to select to add it to selected columns.

Show variants

Bulk change allows you to change only values on major products, so variants are not displayed by default.
If you want to see variants, e.g. if you want to see stock counts, you can easily turn on "Show variants".

When you do not show variants, behind the product name you will be able to see how many variants that product has.

View images

To make it even easier to find the right product, you can choose to display product images. 

Turn on the switch for "View images" to view product images. Products that do not have a product image will have a standard illustration image.


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