Price adjustments
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Price adjustments

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Article summary

Here we show how you can offer your own prices to members of the customer club.

The price to the members of the customer club is adjusted by changing the price of the customer group "Customer Club". This price is subject to change in several ways.

1: Directly on the customer group

You do this either by clicking on "Customer Group" on the landing page of the customer club, or by navigating to Orders/Customers > Customer groups.

Here you can do a bulk processing of the customer group price/member price. You can filter by category and/or manufacturer.

Membership price can be adjusted according to the following rules

  • End customer price excl. VAT. VAT.
  • Purchase price
  • Current member price/customer group price
  • Any other customer group pricing (if multiple customer groups have been created)

2: Directly on the product page

On the product page, you've accessed a new field called "Prices for customer groups". This allows you to set separate prices for the customer group at the product level.

Please note that member prices do not have the same functionality as regular offers. To remove (zero out) the customer group price via the customer group, select 0% and adjust the price according to the end customer price excluding VAT

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