Product and inventory management
  • 03 Oct 2023
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Product and inventory management

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Article Summary

Administration of product catalogue and inventory is done in the control panel. Your data box and online store will always be in sync.


Mystore Datakasse is basically a mirror image of your online store. The products are handled in the same control panel and displayed in both the online store and data box, but you can choose to have products visible in the online store and hidden in the data box – or vice versa, if desired.

Stock status will always be synchronized between data box and online store.

Visible product in the data box, hidden in the online store

It is possible to have products visible in the data box, but hidden in the online store.

To hide a product from online store but visible in the data checkout, select 

  • Visibility: Hidden
  • Visible in data box: Yes

Visible product in online store, hidden in data box

  • Visibility: Active
  • Visible in data box: No

Visible category in data box, hidden online store 

If you want to have a category visible only in the data box, do the following:

  1. In the control panel; go to Product catalog
  2. Click on the edit icon (pencil) next to the desired category
  3. Check the box for Hide category in online store
  4. Click Save changes

Hide category in data bin

If you want to hide a category in the data box, you can do this directly in the Mystore Data Checkout app:

  1. Tap the category selection icon
  2. Hide desired categories by turning off the switch to the right of the category name
  3. Tap Done

Different price in online store and data box for the same product

You can register different prices for the same product for online store and data checkout. To set separate price for the data box:

  1. Go to the desired product through the control panel
  2. Set the desired price specific to the data box in the Store price field

As long as you want the same price in the online store and data box, you do not need to set a price in the Store price field. The default/default value will be 0(kr). When there is $0 in Store price, the price set in the Sales price field will apply (also) to the data checkout.




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