General information about POS
  • 03 Oct 2023
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General information about POS

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Article Summary

This article discusses functions and menu options in Mystore Datakasse


  1. Main menu
  2. Opening the search bar
  3. Shows the selected seller/user. Tap the name to open the seller menu
  4. Bank terminal icon. This lights up green when the terminal is connected. Tap the icon to go to terminal settings
  5. Displays the selected customer. Tap name/icon to select customer, or to add new customer. The default choice is end customer/cash customer
  6. Brands/manufacturers
  7. Category selection. Here you can select favorite categories (see also point 11) and decide on the display of categories
  8. Add genereic product (miscellaneous product) or gift card via this button
  9. Set discount percentage for entire cart
  10. Empty your entire cart
  11. Favorite categories. If you have categories that you want to quickly navigate to (see also bullet point 7)
  12. Selected products/favourite products. Put via product info in product boxes
  13. Categories
  14. Payment methods

Main menu

The main menu in the data box can be reached by pressing the menu icon in the upper left corner of the app ↓

  1. Opening Settings
  2. Start Checkout Sales/Sessions
  3. Shows turnover at current session. Can also be printed
  4. Tap here to connect or check connection status on receipt printer
  5. Opens a list/menu with latest orders from all checkout points, refunds (to bank cards) and online store orders 
  6. Click here to search for orders
  7. Prints last receipt (if receipt printer is connected)
  8. Opens the cash drawer if connected
  9. Click here to log out. Names in parentheses show logged-in user
  10. Showing checkout ID. Read more
  11. Store name/address
  12. Version of Mystore Datakasse

  1. Stop cash register sales/sessions (settlement/reconciliation)
  2. Shows ID of current session (z-report)

Category page

  1. Home icon. Takes you to the front page
  2. Back arrow. Taking you one step back
  3. Breadcrumb. Shows where you are in the category structure. The category names can be tapped for quick navigation
  4. Product name
  5. Product price
  6. Opening product information

Tap on the product box (image/title/price) to add a product to the cart

Product information

  1. Favorite star. Select to set the product as a favorite/featured product. The product will then appear on the front page (displayed above the categories)
  2. Product data retrieved from the product card in the control panel (price, advance, manufacturer, item number, EAN, stock location and inventory)
    Price and mark-up
    Note that the price and markup fields can be hidden/enabled in the control panel via Configuration > General > POS > Show gross profit 
  3. Product data retrieved from the product card in the control panel. If the product has variants, you will see all the variants in a table, with stock balance, item no, EAN and warehouse location per variant (if the case). Product description and produktegenskaper will also appear here, if posted on the product. 


Tap the Settings menu item in the main menu to open the settings modal.


  1. Gives you a warning if the product you add to your shopping cart has 0 or negative stock balance. You can then choose whether to cancel the sale or continue
  2. With this turned on, the seller menu will automatically open after completing the sale/order. Optionally, the employee card/PIN code modal (point 3), if activated
  3. The seller is selected with an employee card scan or PIN code


  1. Allows you to connect receipt printer
  2. Turn this on if you want automatic printing of receipts after each sale. Printer must be connected


  1. Opens terminal settings where you can connect, disconnect or change bank terminal
  2. If you want to offer customers to split the payment between several bank cards, or divide between bank cards and vipps
  3. Cash payments must be turned on in order to receive cash. If this is turned off, Cash will disappear from payment methods. If you have a cash drawer connected to the cash drawer, the drawer will open automatically when the order is withdrawn on payment method Cash
  4. Desired cash balance at start-up/close. The amount is set in the control panel via Configuration > General > POS


  1. Enabling self-service mode

  2. Options to display product images in cart


  1. The analysis information and statistics are aggregated in a format that does not identify you personally. The purpose is to help Mystore improve its product and service
  2. Deletes data stored locally in the app. We do not store any posted information locally in the app. In order to comply with the Cash Register Systems Regulations, all information is stored in the store's control panel. This is located at [storename] panel. All information is available in the control panel and at all times available to the shop owner and, if applicable, the Norwegian Tax Administration for control
  3. Here you can check the status of your internet connection

Category selection

  1. Closes category selection (saving occurs continuously)
  2. Resets all customizations to categories and favorites
  3. Closes category selection (saving occurs continuously)
  4. Refers to the category having multiple levels (subcategory). Tap the arrow to go to the subcategory
  5. Mark the star to favorite the category
  6. The switch/button determines the display of the category in the data box. If you want to hide a category, you can turn off the view here

Latest Orders

Tap on the Show Recent Orders menu item in the main menu to open the modal

  1. Shows recent orders from the checkout you're processing
  2. Displays recent orders from all checkout points (if multiple)
  3. Shows latest orders from online store (if you also have an online store)
  4. Shows latest refunds to bank cards
  5. Opens multiple selections per order
  6. Showing the receipt of the order
  7. Prints copy of receipt (receipt printer must be connected)
  8. Sends copy of receipt by SMS
  9. Register returns/exchanges on all or part of the order
  10. Opens voucher options. Print the gift receipt for all or part of the order

Look up orders (to register returns)

Click on the Search for orders menu item in the main menu to open the modal

  1. Field for entering order number or barcode at the bottom of physical receipt
  2. Closing the module

  1. Order number
  2. Customer name
  3. Order info/data
  4. Closes modal and cancels
  5. Proceed to return processing of given order

Selecting/switching sellers

This feature allows you to select the merchant/user in the data checkout using a PIN code, employee card scanning, or via a menu view. You can choose whether the seller is selected/exchanged when needed, or whether it should always be selected after each sale. 

This is set up via the Main Menu > Settings > General.

  1. Force seller selection between each sale
    If this option is on, the seller menu or PIN/employee card scan opens automatically after each sale. Whether it is the seller's menu or PIN/employee card is determined in the selection below
  2. Use employee card or PIN code when choosing a salesperson
    If this option is off , the seller menu will prevail. If the option is turned on , PIN/employee card scanning will apply.

Selection of seller via seller menu

  1. Tap the seller button at the top of the app. The seller menu opens
  2. Tap on the desired seller

Can I hide users from the seller menu?

If you have many users/administrators who are not sellers in your data checkout, you can choose to hide these from the merchant menu.

  1. Tap the seller button at the top of the app. The seller menu opens
  2. Tap the settings icon in the top-right corner of the seller menu

Here you can choose which users should be visible in the seller menu. This is visual only, users will not be deleted/disabled.

Selection of a seller via PIN code or employee card

Enable Use employee card or PIN when selecting a salesperson via the Main menu > Settings > General. 

When choosing a seller, you will now get this modal ↓

How to add PINs on users

Under Configuration > Administrators (in the control panel), you can enter the PIN code for the different users of the data box.

1. First, select the user and click Edit:

2. Then enter a unique 4-digit PIN on the user and click Save:

It is not possible to enter the same PIN multiple times. Each user must have their own unique PIN. If you enter a PIN that's already in use, you'll get a notification after selecting Save

Start and stop checkout sales

To start your checkout sale for the day, go to the main menu and tap the Start checkout sale menu item.

To generate the Z-report and close the checkout sales for the day, go to the main menu and click on the Stop Checkout Sales menu item.

Z-report is generated and sent to administrator's email address.
The report is printed automatically from the receipt printer if printer is connected.

You can also find the Z-reports in the control panel under Reports > Data Box > Z Report.


Terminal settings

Used for setting up your terminal.
See the following article for more info.


Connect printer

Read how to install printer in our Help Center


Posted information
We do not store any recorded information.

In order to comply with the Cash Register Systems Regulations, all information is stored in the mystore control panel under Reports > Data Box.

All information is available in the control panel.





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