Help guide for Mystore Datakasse
  • 06 Dec 2023
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Help guide for Mystore Datakasse

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Article summary

Here we take a review of the layout and other features of the data box. The article also contains important information about payments and accounting.

Download the app from the AppStore

To use the data box, you must first download the app "Mystore Datakasse" on your iPad or iPhone. The app is downloaded by searching in the AppStore. 

When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked for permission to use your location. For the checkout to work, you need to select "Allow while the app is in use".

Login at checkout

To log in to the data box, use the same username and password as for the control panel. The store's address doesn't need to be entered, as the checkout automatically identifies the store associated with the user. If you have multiple stores with the same username and password, you will be given the opportunity to choose which store you want to log in to.

Do you have multiple checkout points in your store?

If you want to use multiple checkout points in your store, sign in with unique users for each checkout point.

Setup payment terminal

For more detailed information on setting up and using payment terminals, go to this help article

You have been sent a V400m or S1000 payment terminal. The terminal is provided by Verifone or Castle via our partner Adyen.

The connection to the data box takes place via Adyen's servers, and as long as the terminal is connected to a wireless network, you will be able to connect the terminal to the data box via the app.


How to connect the terminal to a network

To be used, the terminal must be connected to a wireless network. 

At the terminal: 9 > Green > Pin-code > Green > Network > Wi-Fi

Then press + to connect to a new network. 

The terminal is connected to the network when a Wi-Fi icon, cloud, and green dot appear next to the Wi-Fi signal. For example, if a red line is displayed, it indicates that e.g. the password is incorrect.  The solution then is to press i, then forget the network and reconnect. 

How to connect the terminal to the data box

The first time you log in to the data bin, a startup wizard appears. This helps you connect the terminal and receipt printer. 

If you do not get the guide, or close it before completion, follow the steps below

  1. Tap the terminal symbol on the right in the top bar
  2. In the menu that appears, tap Connect to terminal 
  3. Connect the terminal to be used at checkout.

If the terminal does not appear, it may indicate that the terminal is not online or needs an update.

Read more


How to connect the terminal to a network

To be used, the terminal must be connected to a wireless network. 

1. On the terminal, tap: Settings symbol > Network > Pin-code > Wi-Fi.
2. Next, find and tap on your network, enter the WiFi password.
    It will say "Connected" under the network name when connected.

How to connect the terminal to the data box

The terminal connects to the box in the same way as the V400m. See the guide above.

Included equipment

Receipt printer

To connect the receipt printer to your iPad, use a standard USB A > Apple charging cable. Once the receipt printer is plugged in, turned on, and connected to your iPad with the cable, you can connect your printer by following these steps: Go to the Main menu and select "Connect Printer". In the menu that appears, select "TSP143III".

If you're using a Bluetooth printer, you can connect it to your iPad via Bluetooth. Next, connect it to the checkout by selecting "Connect printer" in the menu.


To connect the cash drawer to the data box, use the receipt printer as an intermediary. Follow these steps to unplug the cash drawer:

  1. Insert the drawer network cable directly into the receipt printer.
  2. Go to the Main menu of your data box and select "Settings".
  3. Find and open the "Payment" settings.
  4. Check the cashier drawer settings in this menu.

In this way, you can correctly connect the cash drawer to the data box using the receipt printer.


To connect the scanner to your iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your iPad's Bluetooth settings.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled.
  3. Hold down the yellow button on the scanner for 10 seconds to activate the Bluetooth connection.
  4. Find the device with the name "Barcode Scanner" in the list of available devices.
  5. When the "Barcode Scanner" device appears in Bluetooth settings, select it to connect the scanner to your iPad.

In this way, you can connect the scanner to the iPad using the Bluetooth connection.

Products and categories

Below we go through different ways you can add products to your shopping cart, as well as how you can showcase selected products and the category at checkout. 

Add product

Products can be added to the shopping cart in several ways. You can find products via categories, search for the product's name, article number or by scanning the barcode in the data box. 

Manual product

You can add a manual product by clicking on New Product in the shopping cart. Remember to check that the product gets the correct VAT grade.

Product image in cart

If you want to use product image (thumbnail) on the item lines in the shopping cart, you can activate this via the Main menu > Settings > View 

Featured products

Selected products you will now control/decide directly in the data box ↓ 

1. Click the product info button in the product box

2. Click the star icon next to the product title

Favorite categories/bookmarks

The location of favorites categories has been changed. These will now settle under the navigation bar, like bookmarks in a regular browser ↓

To bookmark a category, tap the settings icon and further on the star icon of the desired categories ↓

Order processing

Read the different ways you can handle orders in the data checkout.


Discount can be added in two different ways.

1: Discount is added by changing the price on a line item. 

  • Tap on the desired line item → Change price

2: Discount can be added by giving discount on the entire purchase

  • Click on "% discount" in the shopping cart to give a percentage discount on the entire purchase.

Sale of gift cards

You can now sell gift cards without clicking on the gift card product. You can now click on the Add icon (+) in your shopping cart and select gift card. You can still use the gift card product. You will then be directed to the new feature.

Gift receipt

Now you can finally print the gift receipt on Mystore Datakasse. The gift receipt is linked to the order that is knocked out, and the scan code on the gift receipt is the same as on the receipt. When you scan a gift receipt, you will see options for return, in the same way as when you scan a receipt.

Here's how to print your gift receipt:

  1. Complete the order as normal.
  2. When you have completed the order, you will get a new option called Receipt + Gift receipt 
  3. Click Receipt + Gift receipt. Receipt is printed first, and you will be given a choice for which products you want a gift receipt for.  If you have purchased several of one product, you can choose how many gift receipts to print for the given product ↓

You can also print the gift receipt via the Main Menu > Recent Orders. 


Returns can be punched in in several ways. This can be done by looking up or scanning the customer's receipt, finding the product in the product catalogue or by entering a product manually. In the case of manual returns, a minus must be entered in the price field. The number of products to be returned is entered as normal.


It is not possible to partially refund an amount on a line item. If a line item is to be partially refunded on a card, you can send an email to

Refund to card

  1. Find the original order via the Main Menu > View recent orders, search for the original order via the Main Menu > Look up orders, or scan the receipt if the customer has the original receipt with them. 
  2. Choose which products to return/refund
  3. Once the products are added to checkout, tap the Card payment button to finish.
  4. Receipt is printed.

The seller should state that the money will arrive in the account within 3-4 business days.

What happens if a refund fails?

The most common reason why a refund can fail is if the account balance of the acquirer (Adyen) is lower than the amount you are attempting to refund. This can happen, for example, if you have low/no turnover for a period of time and have been paid all card payments.

For stores with a daily/steady turnover, this will be less likely.

In any case, we recommend placing a "buffer" with the acquirer on any amount that will then always be withheld at the time of payment, to ensure that there is always a given amount available for refunds. This can be compared to always having a given sum in the exchange box. You can withdraw or adjust this buffer at any time. In this case, please contact customer service (at Mystore).

To set up such a buffer, contact customer service via chat or email 

If a refund fails you will get a notification light in the header (at the top of the app).

When you click this, you will be directed directly to View latest order > Refunds.

Here you will get information and guidance on contacting customer service. When you notify customer service, you can click on the three dots next to status. Here you can manually set the status to Inspected and add a comment if desired.

The warning light in the header will now disappear and customer service will get in touch as soon as they have examined the refund.

Search EAN code

Now you can choose to search for products on EAN codes, either by scanning the barcode, or by entering the EAN code in the search bar. This makes it easier to, for example, check the stock of a specific size of a product. You can scan the product and then check the product information. Previously, the product would always be added directly to the shopping cart when scanning a barcode, also in the search bar. 

The new feature can be found when you tap on the search icon. You will now be given a choice to apply to EAN. Check this box and scan the barcode. The product will now come up as in a normal search.

Order on hold

Orders that have been placed on hold will now be displayed via a new icon in the header, next to the terminal icon. When you have one or more orders pending, a P icon (parked order) will appear. Tap the icon to bring up the list of parked orders.

Search for receipt

If the customer for various reasons wants copies of receipts, this can be done via the data box.

Tap Main menu, then select View latest order or Search order.


Here, we'll walk you through simple troubleshooting to help you get started quickly.

Problems logging in

If you experience problems logging in to the webshop, you can follow the guides below for easy help.

Clear cache

If you experience weird bugs in the app itself, try clearing the cache to see if that helps.

Remember to connect to terminal and receipt printer after clearing cache.

Shop reset

If clearing the cache does not help, you can try doing a store reset.

Step 1: Double click on your iPad's home button. 

Step 2: Swipe away the data box so it doesn't run in the background.

Step 3: Scroll down to the "Data Box" app.

Step 4: Tap on "Reset Store" so that this lights up green. 

Step 5: Open the data box and log in with your user info.

Remember to connect the terminal and receipt printer once you have been logged in.

Test your network connection

Since the data box is network-based, it is very important that you have a stable network connection. The data box has a built-in test that checks the connection status of their network. The network test can be found under the Main menu (three lines in the upper left corner of the app) > Settings > Other > Test your internet connection



When you start the checkout sale, a session must be created. This is done by tapping Start Checkout Sale via the main checkout menu.

When the day ends, click Stop Checkout Sale on the same menu item

Sample Z-report


In addition to the Z-report, you have access to a monthly report for the data box in your control panel. You can find this by clicking on Reports > Datakasse > Accounting report. This can be used by your accountant.  


Which company is responsible for payments?

You have an acquirer agreement with our partner Adyen. Adyen is a fast-growing Dutch company with Spotify, Elkjøp and Ebay among others on its customer list. More information about Adyen can be found on

When is the money paid out?

Adyen makes daily payments Monday through Friday with a delay of 2-3 business days. This delay is due to the fact that the transactions to Visa and Mastercard are not fully processed for approximately 2 business days.
In practice, this means that a sale made on Monday is paid out the following Wednesday or Thursday. During the weekend and bank holidays it will take somewhat longer and a purchase made on Thursday will be paid this coming Monday or Tuesday. 

Payout reports
When the money from the acquirer is paid out, detailed payout reports will appear in their control panel. 

Reports > Data Box > Payout Reports. These reports include, among other things, their transaction records. 

Example of a payout report

Important information about the first payment

Since the main focus of us and acquirer is to get the deal up and running as quickly as possible, it can take up to 3 weeks before you receive the first payment from the acquirer Adyen. This is because the setup of the connected account number takes somewhat longer than the other processes. 

The reason why setting up the account number takes somewhat longer is that Adyen has very strict routines for verifying that the account number belongs to the correct company. This is necessary so that they can ensure that the money is paid out to you and not someone else by mistake.


How to activate Vipps at checkout

Vipps is activated by navigating to the Main Menu > Settings > Payment.

How to activate cash payment

Cash payment is activated by navigating to the Main Menu > Settings > Payment

Watch the video how Vipps and cash payments are activated

Aktiver Vipps og kontant

More checkout points?

It's perfectly fine to have several checkout points with us. There are a few things that are important to think about.

1: You must use unique email addresses when logging in to each checkout. This is important to distinguish the sessions from each other. 

If you try to log in with the same e-mail in several boxes, you will be logged out from the cashier that is already logged in. 

2: Separate z-reports will be created for each checkout point and the settlement must be taken at each box.

3: The payout report will not distinguish between the cash points in any other way than a reference to the various z-reports.


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