Mystore Datakasse version 4.0
  • 03 Oct 2023
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Mystore Datakasse version 4.0

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Article Summary

Here you get an overview of changes and new functionality in our latest version of Mystore Datakasse


Version 4.0 works pretty much the same as the existing version (3.2), but also has some new features, which we'll go through in this article. Version 4.0 has been rewritten in a new framework and will generally be experienced faster than the current version.

The design has also been changed in line with Mystore's new design profile.

Refund to card: New flow

Where you previously had to wait until the entire refund process was completed before the customer received a receipt, you will now receive a receipt immediately. The refund itself will run its course in the background.

The seller should tell the customer that the money will be returned within 5-7 working days. Normally, if the store has a positive balance with the acquirer (Adyen) the money will be transferred in 1-2 days, but it may be wise to have a buffer, in case there are errors with the refund, so that Mystore Support can examine and process the refund. 

You will now have a full overview of refunds to cards via the Main Menu > View Recent Orders. Here you now have a separate tab called Refunds.  For each refund, you have information about the return order (which belongs to the refund), original order, and reference number for both the refund and original order ↓ 

You also have a status field that shows if your refund has been approved or failed. A separate comment field will also be provided, if you want to leave a separate comment on the refund.

Card refund guide

  1. Find the original order via the Main Menu > View recent orders, search for the original order via the Main Menu > Search for orders, or scan the receipt if the customer has the original receipt with them. 
  2. Choose which products to return/refund
  3. Once the products are added to checkout, tap the Card payment button to finish.
  4. Receipt is printed.

What happens if a refund fails?

The most common reason why a refund can fail is if the account balance of the acquirer (Adyen) is lower than the amount you are attempting to refund. This can happen, for example, if you have low/no turnover for a period of time and have been paid all card payments.

For stores with a daily/steady turnover, this will be less likely.

In any case, we recommend placing a "buffer" with the acquirer on any amount that will then always be withheld at the time of payment, to ensure that there is always a given amount available for refunds. This can be compared to always having a given sum in the exchange box. You can withdraw or adjust this buffer at any time. In this case, please contact customer service (at Mystore).

To set up such a buffer, contact customer service via chat or email 

If a refund fails you will get a notification light in the header (top of the app) ↓

When you click on this, you will be directed directly to View latest order > Refunds 

Here you will get information and guidance on contacting customer service. When you notify customer service, you can click on the three dots next to status. Here you can manually set the status to Inspected and add a comment if desired ↓

The warning light in the header will now disappear and customer service will get in touch as soon as they have examined the refund.

Gift receipt

Now you can finally print the gift receipt on Mystore Datakasse. The gift receipt is linked to the order that is knocked out, and the scan code on the gift receipt is the same as on the receipt. When you scan a gift receipt, you will see options for return, in the same way as when you scan a receipt.

Here's how to print your gift receipt:

  1. Complete the order as normal.
  2. When you have completed the order, you will get a new option called Receipt + Gift receipt 
  3. Click Receipt + Gift receipt. Receipt is printed first, and you will be given a choice for which products you want a gift receipt for.  If you have purchased several of one product, you can choose how many gift receipts to print for the given product ↓

You can also print your gift receipt via the Main Menu > Recent Orders.

Featured products

Selected products you will now control/decide directly in the data box ↓ 

  1. Click the product info button in the product box

  2. Click the star icon next to the product title

Favorite categories/bookmarks

The location of favorites categories has been changed. These will now settle under the navigation bar, like bookmarks in a regular browser ↓

To bookmark a category, tap the settings icon and further on the star icon of the desired categories ↓

Sale of gift cards

You can now sell gift cards without clicking on the gift card product. You can now click on the Add icon (+) in your shopping cart and select gift card. You can still use the gift card product. You will then be directed to the new feature.

Product image in cart

If you want to use product image (thumbnail) on the item lines in the shopping cart, you can activate this via the Main menu > Settings > View 

Hide users from the seller menu

You can now choose to exclude admins/users from the seller menu by tapping the options icon at the top of the select merchant modal ↓

If you have a lot of employees and not all administrators are salespeople, this can make it clearer and easier, if you use this list/menu instead of using a PIN code. 

You can adjust which users are visible at any time.

Search EAN code

Now you can choose to search for products on EAN codes, either by scanning the barcode, or by entering the EAN code in the search bar. This makes it easier to, for example, check the stock of a specific size of a product. You can scan the product and then check the product information. Previously, the product would always be added directly to the shopping cart when scanning a barcode, also in the search bar. 

The new feature can be found when you tap on the search icon. You will now be given a choice to apply to EAN. Check this box and scan the barcode. The product will now come up as in a normal search.

Order on hold (new icon)

Orders that have been placed on hold will now be displayed via a new icon in the header, next to the terminal icon. When you have one or more orders pending, a P icon (parked order) will appear. Tap the icon to bring up the list of parked orders ↓

Product Packages

As of now, product bundles are not available in POS 4.0. We are working on this, and the solution will be ready as soon as possible. We will inform you when the solution is in place.


Here, we'll walk you through simple troubleshooting to help you get started quickly.

Problems logging in

If you experience problems logging in to the webshop, you can follow the guides below for easy help.

Clear cache

If you experience weird bugs in the app itself, try clearing the cache to see if that helps.

Remember to connect to terminal and receipt printer after clearing cache.

Shop reset

If clearing the cache does not help, you can try doing a store reset.

Step 1: Double click on your iPad's home button. 

Step 2: Swipe away the data box so it doesn't run in the background.

Step 3: Scroll down to the "Data Box" app.

Step 4: Tap on "Reset Store" so that this lights up green. 

Step 5: Open the data box and log in with your user info.

Remember to connect the terminal and receipt printer once you have been logged in.

How to activate Vipps at checkout

Vipps is activated by navigating to the Main Menu > Settings > Payment.

How to activate cash payment

Cash payment is activated by navigating to the Main Menu > Settings > Payment

Watch the video how Vipps and cash payments are activated




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