Order report
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Order report

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Article Summary

The order report is no longer under development and has been replaced by "Purchasing Assistant" (Mystore Logistics) Read more →

Under "Product catalogue" you will see a new option: "Suppliers".
This option allows you to create suppliers that are linked to your manufacturers/brands.

Under Reports > Order report, you will now have the opportunity to create order lists for suppliers.

When the order list is saved, it will be placed under "Active orders".
You can choose to transfer the order list to Excel by pressing "Order (Excel)" or send directly to supplier by selecting "Send to supplier".
If you wish to delete the order list, please select "Delete order"

After you receive the products from the Supplier, go to the same place under Reports > Order report.
Then select the relevant order list and press "Register receipt".



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