Open item count overview
  • 03 Oct 2023
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Open item count overview

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Article Summary

During and after completing the count, you have the opportunity to see everything that has been counted, make selections, reset and confirm counting.


As you, or some of your employees, count items, you can always see what has been counted on the "Open counts" overview (only available on desktop, not mobile view).

The items located under "Open Counts" are not yet confirmed, which means that inventory has not been updated. 

The date field in open counts will automatically adjust to the date on which the oldest open count is located. 

Only when one is confirmed is counting will the inventory in the online store be updated.

  1. Filter
    Here you can easily make selections on your open counts
  2. Producer
  3. Name
  4. Article number
  5. Last tent
  6. Counted
    The number shows how many people have been counted, but not confirmed
  7. Difference
    Shows if there are discrepancies between counting and what the warehouse should be
  8. Tent off
  9. Quick count button
    This allows you to change the count of the product without having to restart the inventory count
  10. Page selector
    If the items are over several pages, you can easily browse the pages here
  11. Confirm count
    The option to confirm count is activated when at least one product is selected

Nonconformity report

What is a "Nonconformance Report"?
This is a list that shows all open counts, i.e. counts that have not yet been confirmed and that have discrepancies (positive or negative).

You can sort the list to your liking and then print it out. This makes it easy to take the list into stock to check for the deviations before the item count is confirmed.

Here's how:

  1. Go to "Open counts"
  2. Click on the "Actions" menu and select "Nonconformity Report"
  3. Now you can sort the list on each column, just click the title in the column to sort
  4. Print the list

Cancel active counts

Under "Actions" there is an option for "Cancel active counts".
This cancels all active counts in the selected date range.

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