Create multiple checkout points
  • 03 Oct 2023
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Create multiple checkout points

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Article Summary

A checkout point can be a physical location in a store, or a portable device used by a user

In Mystore, checkout points are connected to administrators (users). Each admin is given a checkout ID, which then defines the checkout point. Thus, the logged-in administrator (in the app) will always be the current checkout point at a given checkout.

We call logged-in administrator/user (in the data box) the main user

You can choose whether the point of sale should be a fixed generic user who does not change per register – e.g. Cash register 1, which then becomes the permanent main user on a given cash register / iPad – or whether it is the individual user/employee's user account that defines the checkout point at any given time.

Each checkout point will have its own z-report, but you will have a neat overview of all the checkout points' z-reports in the control panel under Reports > Data Box > Z-Report.

How to add administrators

  1. In the control panel; go to Configuration > Administrators
  2. Click New administrator
  3. Enter the details for the new user and click Save


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