Monthly sales report
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Monthly sales report

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Article Summary

This help article gives you insights on how to use the monthly sales report for your online store. The report gives you an easy and quick overview of your sales during each month. Here, we will guide you through the available choices and features in the report.

1. Select your order status

The first choice you encounter in the month-to-month sales report is based on order status. This option lets you limit the report to show only orders with a specific status.

Order status:
Click on this drop-down menu to select a specific order status. The report will then show only those orders that have this selected status.

2. Other useful choices

Under the Order status selection:
In addition to order status, you'll find three smaller options that give you extra functionality:

- Print: Click this option if you want to print the current report. This can be useful for making physical copies or archiving data.

- Flip Sorting: This option allows you to change the order of the report. You can easily toggle between ascending and descending order to organize the data according to your preference.

- Help: Click here if you need assistance or have questions about how to use the report. You will have access to help pages or tutorials to resolve any issues or uncertainties.

The monthly sales report gives you an easy way to keep track of your sales performance on a monthly basis. Using the available options and features, you can customize the report to suit your needs and gain valuable insights into how your online store is performing month by month.

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