• 05 Oct 2023
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Article Summary

Here we take a quick review of our integration with EDI supplier Logistra.

Who is Logistra? 

Logistra is the most streamlined EDI integration we have. The integration supports Bring, Postnord, helthjem, Schenker, DHL Express and over 500 hundred other carriers, and offers transfer of freight information directly in order processing.

How to book Logistra

In order to take advantage of the integration with Logistra, three things must be in place. 

Subscription with Logistra

An appointment with Logistra can be booked here or by calling +47 4000 2312.

Remember to mention that you are a customer of Mystore.no as this gives you a 75% discount on a DirectPrint.DirectPrint is a small computer that connects between the label printer itself and the internet and this ensures that we can notify Logistra that the label should be printed when they receive the information from your online store.

DirectPrint is required to get as seamless order processing as possible directly from the order processing in Mystore. Here you will find an overview of different packages and prices from Logistra

Label printer

You'll also need a label printer and a DirectPrint provided by Logistra.

If you need to print from multiple locations, or warehouse departments, the integration also supports multiple printers. If you already have a label printer, this can be used as long as it is one of the most used brands on the market; Zebra, TSC or Eltron.

Note. Brother label printers are not supported via Logistra's DirectPrint functionality.

Please note that if you have multiple printers/print locations, all printers must have their own DirectPrint connected so that we can reach the desired printer from Mystore. To turn on the multi-printer functionality, and thus get the choice to control printing to the desired printer; Go to APPS > Settings (Requires admin rights) > Logistra EDI and change the setting for 'Printer selection' to 'true'.

The Logistra app must be ordered in our Appstore

The app can be ordered here

How to use Logistra

When you change the order status to "Shipped" and complete an order, a menu for printing shipping labels appears. This menu is retrieved directly from your Logistra account and the shipping methods shown in this menu are the same shipping methods you have available from Logistra.

The system automatically tries to choose the shipping method based on the customer's choice.

You can choose to split your shipment into multiple packages. The field for Logistra will then look like this.


Psst!The integration supports multiple printers, such as RFID. If you have this, you can tell us on kundeservice@mystore.no and we will turn on this functionality.


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