Link a shipping method in the control panel to a shipping option in Logistra
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Link a shipping method in the control panel to a shipping option in Logistra

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Article Summary

You can choose to connect the desired shipping module in Mystore to the desired freight module at Logistra.
Via advanced settings in the shipping modules, you can choose which shipping method in the Logistra selection to use automatically when printing labels.

This will save you a lot of time if, for example, you want to use a manual shipping method for Postnord Groupage, or for another shipping method that is not available in Mystore (as a module), but you have via Logistra.

Note: each Logistra module can only be linked to one shipping method in Mystore. If you choose the same Logistra module in several shipping methods, the latter will be used for auto-selection.


Under Configuration > Shipping methods, you'll find the list of active shipping methods in your store. If you click on Advanced options , you get two drop-down menus that allow you to decide which Logistra module should be connected to the shipping method.


What happens after I connect Logistra modules to all my shipping methods?

When you set an order to "Shipped/Completed" you will get the dialog that allows you to choose the shipping method you want to print label for.

This drop-down menu will now automatically select the Logistra module based on the order's shipping method. The same applies to printers, if you have several printers and have connected the shipping method to one printer.

Bulk order processing

I use mass processing, will this work there too?

In bulk processing of orders, you can choose what you want to do for the selection that you made.

Use auto-select

If you select this setting, bulk processing will use the Logistra module that is linked to the shipping method for each individual order.

Use the shipping method selected below

If you select this setting, the bulk processing will use the selected shipping method across the entire order range, regardless of linkages of shipping methods.

This will be useful if you need to ship all orders in the assortment using one specific frat method, even if the orders in the assortment have different shipping methods on file.

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