Landing page and overview
  • 25 Oct 2023
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Landing page and overview

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Article Summary

The landing page gives you a general overview of all purchases with the possibility of filtering and searching.

Purchase orders overview

By going to "Tools > Logistics > Purchasing & Receiving" you will see an overview of all purchase orders.
From this page you can do a variety of selections, filters and searches. 

In addition to the search, which can be searched by supplier, purchase order number and product, you can filter on the following fields:

  • Date created
  • Expected delivered
  • Total cost
  • Last updated on
  • Status
  • Created by
  • Submitted by
  • Provider

Search Purchase Order Overview

In the overview of purchase orders, you can search by supplier, purchase order number, product and article number.
For example, you can search for a product and then filter on the status, then you can easily see if the product is on order, if the order has been received or if it has status shipped.

Export procurement overview

Purchasing overview exports (included in Control and Control+) allow you to export the entire selection made on the dashboard. 

So you can set up searches and filters and then export the selection to CSV.
The export will then contain all rows in the result and all columns. The export is added to the "Export Archive".

The export can, for example, be used to retrieve the date of supplier, amount, order, etc. within given time periods.

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