Customer overview
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Customer overview

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Article Summary

The customer overview gives you a full overview of customers, the possibility of filtering and search, as well as support for exporting customer lists.

Customer overview

Here you will find an overview that shows all customers registered in the store with the possibility of search and filtering.


The search field in the overview supports searching for the following fields:

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • First name + last name
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Company name
  • Invoice email address

Column view

The customer overview has a series of pre-selected columns for displaying customer number, name, email, etc.

In addition to these, there are a number of columns that can be displayed if needed.
Just click the "View" button to open the menu to add/remove columns. 

Added columns support sorting and will also be included in the file if an export is made.

Create customer

Click on the button "New customer", this will open a window for filling in the necessary fields on the customer.

Easy mode displays only the most necessary fields for registering customers. 

By sending a registration link, you can give the customer a link that allows the registration to be linked directly to a customer group (requires Advanced reseller solution). 

This opens a window where you fill in the customer's email address and desired customer group.

If you go to the Control Panel > Orders/Customers > Customers, and find the customer in the list there, you will see a menu (three dots) to the right of each customer. In this menu you will find a number of options, such as "Create order", "Send email", "Delete" etc.

View/edit customer:

  1. Go to Orders/Customers > Customers
  2. Find the desired customer in the customer list or use the search bar to find the desired customer
  3. Open the customer card
  4. Edit the fields you want
  5. Tap

In the customer overview it is possible to create custom views. These can be private or global and one can choose to set a view as the default view.

To create a view:

From the "Views" page, one can set the view to default view, as global or delete it.
You can also open it directly by clicking on the icon on the far left of the overview.

Export customer lists

  1. Login to their control panel
  2. Go to "Orders/Customers > Customers"
  3. Make the desired selection to find the customers you want to export
  4. Select "Export Customer Data" under the "Actions" menu
    1. If the list of customers contains more than 15,000 customers, the export will be split into multiple files.
  5. When the export is ready, you will find it under "Export archive" in the menu on the left.

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