Installation the Mystore Superscanner
  • 03 Oct 2023
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Installation the Mystore Superscanner

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Article summary

Here we go through the setup of the Bluetooth scanner that we sell in our hardware store

The scanner looks like this


Before you begin, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPad. You can find this setting by going to "General" > "Bluetooth".

Follow the manual that comes with your scanner to connect it to your iPad. The user manual can be found in the box along with the scanner.

Keyboard on iPad

Because iPad perceives the scanner as a keyboard, you need to make an adjustment to use the built-in keyboard on your iPad.

To make the built-in keyboard appear on your iPad, you need to quickly double-click the yellow button on the scanner. If your keyboard does not show up, you can scan the barcode labeled "Apple iOS keyboard features". We recommend using a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad when using the barcode scanner. You can buy this in our hardware store.

If bluetooth on the scanner is not enabled

If you have received a barcode scanner where the feature to enable Bluetooth pairing by holding the scan button for 10 seconds is not enabled, you can scan the barcode below to enable Bluetooth on the scanner.

You can download various barcodes to activate different features. For guidance, download the guide here.


Barcodes for activating functions on the scanner

There are two different documents with barcodes that enable different functions. You can download pdf files under

1: Download

2: Download

How to connect the scanner to PC and Mac

If you want to connect the scanner to your PC or Mac, you can follow the instructions below. A Bluetooth dongle is included if your computer does not have built-in Bluetooth.

Read here for help connecting to Mac
Read here for help connecting to Windows

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