Initial setup
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Initial setup

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How do I set up a customer club?

Once the Customer Club app is installed, you will find a landing page in your control panel under Orders/Customers > Customer Club. Here all the pages associated with the Customer Club are gathered, so you can easily navigate to the different settings and texts belonging to the Customer Club.

General Settings

Under Configuration > General > Customer Club you will find the general settings for the Customer Club. Here you have the following options:

  1. Welcome message for new members
    This text appears in a pop-up when customers have completed registration.
  2. Farewell notice upon withdrawal
    Appears in pop-up when customer unsubscribes via my pages / my account.
  3. Only give bonus points to customer club members
    You can choose that bonus points should only be awarded to logged-in members of the Customer Club.
  4. Hide member benefits if product does not have a membership price
    Member benefits are displayed by default on all product pages. This setting only shows member benefits if the product has a membership price.
  5. Hide customer club price/info from other customer groups
    If your store actively uses the Advanced Reseller solution and has other customer groups in addition to the customer club, you can choose to hide loyalty benefits and prices on product pages when these customers are logged into their respective customer groups. This is particularly relevant for B2B customer groups.
  6. Only end customers can become members of customer clubs (automatically)
    If you do not want members of other customer groups to be able to change customer groups automatically by registering as a member of the Customer Club, you can set this setting to "YES". When an e-mail address is checked during registration for the Customer Club, and the e-mail address is linked to another customer group, the customer will be notified that the e-mail address is associated with another customer group and is asked to use an alternative e-mail address, or contact the store for manual registration.

Settings on customer group

When you install the Customer Club, you get the opportunity to add customers to customer groups. This allows you to easily distinguish, organize and manage the members of the Customer Club without the changes affecting other customers. Customers who are not members of the Customer Club are placed in the customer group "End Customer".

To manage the settings for the Customer Club and Customer Groups, you have two options:

  1. Orders/customers > Customer groups > Customer club (Change): Here you can adjust the settings for the Customer Club and Customer Group "Customer Club".
  2. Orders/customers > Customer Club: This is a collection page for the Customer Club, where you will find more settings and options.

Here is an overview of the settings and choices you will find on the Customer Club page:

Adjust the price of the products

Here you can do a bulk processing of the customer group price/member price. You can filter by category and/or manufacturer.

Membership price can be adjusted according to the following rules

  • End customer price excl. VAT
  • Purchase price
  • Current member price/customer group price
  • Any other customer group pricing (if multiple customer groups have been created)

Please note that member prices do not have the same functionality as regular offers. To remove (zero out) the customer group price via the customer group, select 0% and adjust the price according to the end customer price excluding VAT

Don't show these shipping methods
Here you can exclude specific shipping methods from view for Customer Club members, if desired. You can choose which shipping methods members don't see.

Own shipping method for the Customer Club

Create a shipping method (as normal) via Configuration > Shipping methods 

  1. Go to Orders/Customers > Customer groups > End customer
  2. Check the shipping method(s) that regular customers (non-members) should not see.

Don't show these payment methods

This setting only applies to Hurtigkassa/Adyen Checkout, not Klarna Checkout. If you use the express checkout, you can choose to exclude payment methods for logged-in Customer Club members.  

Value Added Tax (VAT)

By default, prices including VAT are displayed. This means that the Customer Club prices are displayed including VAT in the webshop. For B2B customer groups, it may be necessary to display the prices excluding VAT.

Free shipping on orders

If you want to offer free shipping only to logged-in Customer Club members, you can set it in this setting. You can set the order amount to enable free shipping, set a maximum weight limit, and choose which shipping methods free shipping for members applies to.

Category view

Here you can activate a separate category exclusively for Customer Club members. You can create a separate customer group category and tick the "Separate customer group category" box. This can be useful if you want to give members first right on new products or offer pre-order of members-only products. This tab will only be visible to logged-in members.

Select: If you select "Show only customer group categories", logged-in members will only see this category. This is especially useful for B2B customer groups, such as resellers.

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