Mystore Home Small
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Mystore Home Small

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Article Summary

Here we have gathered important information related to the use of PostNord's MyPack Home Small product.

Info from PostNord

MyPack Home Small is a fast and cost-effective parcel service for businesses that have low-value shipments of up to 5 kg in mailbox-appropriate sizes.

Product Dimensions

Max weight:    5 kg
Min. weight:50 g
Max Dimensions:45x30x20 cm
Min. goals:14x9x1 cm
Max circumference:Not exceeding 90 cm


With MyPack Home Small, we pick up and deliver the parcel home to the recipient's mailbox without signature. If the parcel does not fit in the mailbox (the mailbox is full, locked or similar), the service is added bag to the door or collection at the delivery point.

There are two types of returns of MyPack Home Small. If the package cannot be delivered, the package is returned for sorting according to the sender's request to MyPack Collect. If the customer wishes to make a return, the package is returned as MyPack Collect, with MyPack Collect's current prices and terms.


PostNord notifies recipients when the parcel is on its way with an estimated delivery time. The recipient receives a new notification when the package is delivered.

Notifications are sent via SMS, e-mail and/or the PostNord app.


With MyPack Home Small, the parcel is normally delivered to the recipient's mailbox within two working days of the submission date*. Delivery is made during the day. MyPack Home Small has 100% coverage where 50% of households are covered daily. The rest is covered 2-3 times per week. Tracking all the way to your mailbox. For exact delivery times see

*Valid from hand-in at 16:00 from PostNord's terminal in Oslo.


All types of goods except live animals, dangerous goods, refrigerated and frozen goods, heating goods and moving goods.

Marking of item letters

Split-broadcast marking

Points of contact

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