Accounting for gift cards in Tripletex
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Accounting for gift cards in Tripletex

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Many stores operate with gift cards, and then it is important that the gift cards are transferred correctly from Mystore to Tripletex. Follow the instructions below to get the correct bookkeeping of gift cards.

Setup in Tripletex

Before you can add gift cards as a payment method in the integration / setup in Mystore, you must set up gift cards as a payment method in Tripletex.
Below you will find a guide that explains how the customer can do this in their Tripletex account. 

  1. Log in to Tripletex
  2. Go to Invoice > Settings > Payment types
  3. If gift cards are not already a payment type, click "New row"
  4. Give the payment type a description and link it to the accounting account "Other current liabilities" 
  5. Make sure "Show on order" is enabled

  6. Go to "Product > Products" and find the product "Gift Card"
    The product "Gift card" must be created automatically via Mystore.
    Contact customer support to set up support for posting gift cards if the product is not visible in Tripletex.
  7. When you find the gift card product, look over the setup, especially "Revenue account" and "VAT":

- On the gift card product in Tripletex, it is important that "Income account" is set to "Other current liabilities" , i.e. the same account as the payment type.
- Also make sure that VAT is set at 5: (0%) No output tax (within the VAT Act).

Setting up integration in the control panel

When the extra service is ready and the setup in Tripletex is done, it is time to configure the integration.

In your Mystore control panel go to Apps > Settings > Tripletex v2 > Settings > Installation Guide > Proceed to step 4"

Follow this link to get directly to step 4 of the setup, just change "yourstorename" with your own store name:

Then link the different payment methods in the online store to the correct payment type in Tripletex.

Set-up may vary slightly from store to store, so if you are unsure, we recommend that you check with your accountant or someone else who is knowledgeable in Tripletex and accounting.

After "Payment by gift card" is linked to the correct payment type in Tripletex, the store is ready for posting gift cards.

Then just finish the setup and start the sale! 


If you do not have Payment by Gift Card as a payment method on this list, please contact Customer Service

Viewing in Tripletex

Orders that have been paid with gift cards + another payment type will now have each of these in a separate voucher on the invoice in Tripletex: 

As you can see in the picture below, the invoice has two payment vouchers: 3000 NOK is payment from Klarna and 200 NOK is payment from gift cards.


If we take a closer look at voucher number 15-2020, we can see that the payment is registered in the gift card account (2990 - Other current liabilities):

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