Free shipping on selected categories
  • 01 Jul 2024
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Free shipping on selected categories

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Article summary

With this module you can offer free shipping from all categories, or only those that you choose based on the product list in the module.

To install the "Free shipping from selected categories" shipping option, go to Configuration > Shipping methods and press

The module is called "Free shipping from selected categories".
Tap on the module and select "Install shipping option"

Once the module is installed

Under the "Advanced" option you have some choices

Maximum weight

Maximum order weight available for this shipping method

Text at checkout

Enter the name of the module in your checkout

Only or all

Choose whether free shipping should apply to all categories (all),

ord just the categories chosen in the list (only).

All or one

Choose if the shipping method is available if the shopping cart contains a product from the category (even if it contains products from other categories (all), or if it´s limited only to products in the selected categories (one).

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