FAQ - Point of sale
  • 06 Dec 2023
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FAQ - Point of sale

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What payment methods can be offered to customers?

You can charge with the following payment methods with our data box.

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • American Express

  • Diners

  • AliPay

  • Maestro

Please contact our customer service for more information and booking.

Can I refund the amount to the customer's card?

With our newest terminal V400M, refunds can be made to the customer's account.

Refunds on cards are done by scanning or looking up the customer's receipt, turning in the products in return and choosing Card as payment method. Please allow 1-2 minutes for the money to be confirmed refunded to the customer. The customer can expect to receive the money within 2-3 business days.

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How do I change the footer on my receipt?

You can do this in the Control Panel. Go to "Configuration" and select POS in the control panel. Select "Receipt: Footer" and adjust the text.

Can I use discount code in data checkout?

You can't use discount code in data checkout. To give a discount on your order or product, do the following. 

Give discount on orders:

After you have added products to the shopping cart, you can click on the "Discount" field in the shopping cart on the right. Enter the desired discount as a percentage.

Discount on product:

After adding products to the shopping cart, you can click on a product and set a discount as a percentage or set a price. You can also give a discount on the entire order. 

Is it possible to use multiple checkout points?

Yes, you can have as many checkout points as you want and need in your store. You will need hardware including terminal to each checkout point.

See our selection in hardware store →

Do I need something more than just the app?

To use Mystore Datakasse, you need the app "Mystore Datakasse" and payment terminal from us. In addition to that, you can buy a receipt printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, label printer, iPad and iPad stand in our Hardware Store. 

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Contact salg@mystore.no if you need advice. 

Can products be synchronized with my webshop?

The data box is a mirror image of your online store. The products are entered in the same control panel and displayed in both the online store and data box. You can choose to have product that only appears in the data box and not in the online store.

The inventory status is synchronized between the data bin and the online store.

How many products can I post?

You can enter as many products as you want. If you have a lot of products, it is recommended that you use barcodes and a barcode reader to make navigation easier in the data checkout.

Unable to connect to terminal on 4G against shared network from iPhone/iPad, what's wrong?

If the terminal has problems connecting to 4G with shared network from iPad/iPhone, log out to iPad/iPhone from iCloud and forget about other networks that the iPad has been connected to previously. Once this is done, try again.

Can I add products that only appear in the data box or online store?

Yes, you can do that. To choose whether products should be visible only in the online store and/or in the POS POS system, go to the product in the Control Panel and adjust "Visibility" and "Visibility in the POS system".

Can I split a payment into card and cash?

You can easily split a payment into card and cash. Once you've punched in all products at checkout, click on "Cash" and enter the amount to be paid. Select "Register payment", click on "Card" to pay the remaining amount on card.

How to share network from iPad and connect terminal to 4G?

If your iPad supports SIM cards, you can easily connect the terminal to the iPad's network.

To share networks from your iPad, you need 4G and that your iPad is equipped with a SIM card. Open the iPad's settings > if "Shared Internet" is a menu option, you have the option of SIM card in the iPad.

When "Personal Hotspot is on:

  • V400m Terminal: Press 9 > Green button > Enter PIN-code > Network > Wi-Fi.

  • S1000 terminal: Tap Settings > Network >Enter PIN-code > Wi-Fi.

To connect the terminal to the Mystore Data Box app, do the following:

  • Open the app and go to the leftmost menu. Select "Terminal Settings".

  • Enter the IP address and click save. Once done, click on the red cross on the bank terminal four times, so it will display "Mystore makes trading easier" on the screen.

  • When the calculator on the far right shows green in the app, the terminal is connected to the iPad.

Can we get a demo account of the data box?

Yes, the Data Box can be tested. Contact salg@mystore.no and we will help you get a demonstration.

What devices are supported?

You can use your iPad or iPhone for data box and terminal, but your device must have iOS version 9.3 or later. Other hardware supported for our data box can be found in the Mystores Hardware store.

Note that it is currently only in our iPad app that receipt printer is supported. On other devices, a receipt can be printed on a regular printer or sent by SMS.

Is Mystore Datakasse approved by the tax authorities?

Mystore Datakasse complies with the new Cash Register Systems Act and the Cash Register Systems Regulations for 2017. We take care of regulations in addition to the technicalities.
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Are gift cards supported?

We support that your customers can pay via gift cards such as iGive, Sentrum gift cards and other types of gift cards supported by Nets, directly at the card terminal.
This requires that the BAX number is added to your agreement.
You can read more about BAX her.

We also support creating your own gift cards in Mystore Datakasse.
The gift card can be sent by SMS or printed on the receipt printer
if you use our iOS app.

We do not support the sale of gift cards with BAX.
Contact our kundeservice for gift card installation.

How is receipt printed automatically on sale?

You can do this in the menu at the top left of the Data Box app. Select Settings and check "ON" in the "Automatic printing of receipts" field.

What about returns?

To process a return at checkout, do the following:

  • Click on the product so that it adds to the shopping cart.

  • Once the product is in your shopping cart, click on it.

  • A window will pop up, click on "Turn in as return". You can choose whether you want to give the customer money again or a credit card.

Can I enter a product I don't have in my product catalog?

Yes, you can punch in a product that you are not in the product catalog. Click on "+PRODUCT" at the top of the shopping cart, on the right side of the data box app. Under Name, you can enter optional text and enter price of product, VAT and quantity. Then add product to the shopping cart in the lower right corner.

How do I reset the data bin app?

If the checkout has hung up, it may work to take a local reset of the store:
Step 1: Double click on your iPad's home button.

Step 2: Swipe away the data box so it doesn't run in the background.

Step 3: Scroll down to the "Data Box" app.

Step 4: Tap on "Reset Store" so that this lights up green.

Step 5: Open the data box and log in with your user info.

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Can I use iZettle or other payment terminals?

You can only use that terminal that comes from Mystore.no. The terminal is linked to iPad, so the total amount of the checkout is transferred directly to the terminal. In this way, you avoid mistakes when paying.

Is BankAxept supported?

The payment terminal does not support BankAxept. The terminal supports Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

Can I have multiple users logged in at the same time?

Yes, several users can be logged in, but not at the same time at the same checkout point.

Do I need an online store to use Mystore Datakasse?

You do not need to have an online store to use Mystore Datakasse. There are no fixed monthly costs, you only pay for use.

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Is it difficult to use data box?

The system is built to be easy to use. Plus, it's delivered on iPad and iPhone, making operation intuitive right out of the box. If you need help or get stuck, you can find a variety of user guides and documentation in our Help Center.

Should you still get stuck in an area or have problems, you have free support every weekday. We are ready to help you!

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Can I change which products appear on the front page?

You can choose up to 8 products to display on the front page of the data box. This is done under the option "Selected products" in the control panel.

Can a terminal be used at multiple checkout points?

No, you must have a terminal for every checkout point you have in the store.

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