• 03 Oct 2023
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Article summary

Thanks to export, one can easily download the filter product range.

How to export

To do an export of the filtered selection, go to Actions  (1) and then Export (2). 

The export generated will contain all the products in the overview as well as the columns you have chosen to display.
That is, the filter and selection of columns will affect the export file. 

When you click "Export" you will get the window below. 

Here you give the export a name (1) and choose the desired file format (2) before clicking "Export" (3). 

When the export is ready, it can be downloaded from the "Export" menu item in the side menu on the left.


The user who initiated the export will also receive emails when the export is ready for download.

Export overview

In the side menu on the left is the menu item "Export".
Here you will find all previous exports.
PS! Note that the reports are grouped by year to make it more transparent. Change the year by clicking on the year.

The overview shows the following info:

  • File names set by the user who initiated the export
  • Date of export
  • Format
  • Generated by

To heard you will find options for "Download" and "Delete"

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