Email templates and dynamic content
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Email templates and dynamic content

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Article Summary

In several of the emails sent, you can use so-called placeholders that are replaced with dynamic content. This can be, for example, order status, the customer's name and order number.

What are placeholders?

In short, a placeholder is a small code snippet that allows you to embed dynamic content into the emails sent out to your customers. This helps you personalize the emails, which in turn increases the chances of the emails being opened and read. This is especially important for emails sent in abandoned carts, order confirmation and order management. Below you will find an overview of which placeholders you can use when sending emails via Personalized Shopping.

Order confirmation

The following placeholders can be used to personalize the order confirmation that is sent for new orders.

Order payment method
Order shipping method
Customer name
Customer recipient address
Order number
Customer postal code for shipment
Customer billing address
Customer's shipping location name

Customer postal code for invoice

Customer's country of shipment
Customer invoice location name
Customer country of invoice

Other emails (e.g. order update)

These can be used to personalize the emails sent out in case of e.g. forgotten shopping cart, order update, etc. 

Customer name
Order number
Customer email
The date the order was placed
Customer phone number
Shipment tracking number
Order status
Any comments made by the administrator when sending

How to add your customer's name to the email

To dynamically add the name of the customer you can use write the following code:

@[NAME,Substitute word] @

The code will be replaced if we have registered the name of the customer. If the name is not available, the code will be replaced with "Substitute Word".


If the email says:
Hi @[NAME,Customer]@, thank you for your order.

When the e-mail is sent out and we have registered that the customer's name is Thomas, this message will be sent to the customer:
Hi Thomas, thanks for your order.

If we do not have the name registered, this message will be sent:
Hi Customer, thanks for your order.

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