Earnings report
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Earnings report

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Article Summary

The profit report can be found under "Reports>Profit Report" and provides an overview of the profit on goods sold over a selected period. The profit is calculated from the difference between the purchase price and retail price (excluding VAT) times the number of products sold.

The report basically shows everything sold within the start and end dates, but you can add filtering by manufacturer, category or order status. If you want to show sold products from a given manufacturer, a single category, goods that have received a given order status, or a mixture of these, you just have to filter.

The report shows products sold during a selected period, specified with a From date and a To date. It shows how many units have been sold of each product, the product's purchase price, sales price (excluding VAT), profit per product and the profit margin. At the bottom, you'll also find a summation of total profit based on all products in this window.

Note All products must have a purchase price higher than NOK 0 for calculation and display to be correct

Price in from order lines

By default, the report uses the price stored on the product card. This means that if you retrieve a report on profit over the last 30 days, it will be based on the current price even if the product had a different price previously.

When a purchase is made, the current price of the order is stored. By checking "Price in order lines", the profit report will be based on the input price the product had at the moment of purchase, i.e. the input price that was stored on the product card when an order was placed. 

Copy content

The report can easily be copied over from the control panel and into the desired spreadsheet program. By using the "Highlight Table" button, all the content is highlighted:

And it can then be copied and pasted into the spreadsheet program:

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