Do you support product groups?
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Do you support product groups?

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Article Summary

For the Google Shopping feed, we support grouping of products. This applies, for example, when you have a t-shirt in several colors, with different sizes as variants.

Why should I use product groups?

In short, feed product groups (hence varieties) result in more potential ad impressions. Each of the variations will be able to generate a view. This gives potential customers an opportunity to see more of your products, which improves user experience and potentially increases conversion rates from your ads.

Here's an example: I have a sweater that I sell in three different colors, in different sizes. Basically, Google doesn't know that this is essentially the same product. If you group them, the Google Shopping feed will show that the products belong to the same group, and we will also show each size as a separate product.

How do I create new product groups?

Option 1: create product group first, then add products

If you go to "Product catalogue > Product groups" in the main menu of the control panel, you will be taken to the page shown above. There you can click on "New product group".

You then give the group a name and can look up the products that you want to add to that group.

Option 2: Find products in a category and merge them into a group

Under "Product catalogue > Products" you can go to a category that contains the products you want to group. Highlight one of them and click "Groups":

Then select all the products you want to group, select "Add product to new product group", and click "Save". A new group will then be created to which all selected products will be associated.

Can I see a product if it's associated with a product group?

If you edit a product, you will see a tab called "Product groups". If you click on this, the drop-down menu that appears will be pre-selected for the group the product is linked to. If you want to move the product to another group, you can do so from the drop-down menu.

Do I need to do anything for sizes and other variants to appear in the Google Shopping feed?

No, once you have grouped the products, these will appear with variants in the feed. Note that products that are not in a product group will not appear with variants.

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