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  • 05 Oct 2023
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Design settings

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Via the design settings for the Customer Club, you can adjust the following:

Product box banner

Product box badge text
This will be the text/title that appears on the product box badge that is visible when a product has a member price/customer club price. Here you can enter the name of the store's customer club, if you have a separate name for the customer club. The default title/text is Customer Club. 

Product box badge text (Style)
Choose between bolded or regular font.  

Text color in product box badge
Determines the text color of text/title in the customer club badge (as shown in the image above ↑)

Product box label background color
Determines the background color of the customer club badge (as shown in the image above ↑)

Customer Club Award

Product box price display (category page)

The default display is the customer club price below full price. However, you can choose to set the display of customer club price in product box equal to the display of regular offer. Equal view as offer is only active when you are logged in as a member. If you are not logged in as a member, the view will be anyway Member price/text under full price.

Member price/text below full price (standard) ↓


Equal view as offer


Text before customer club award

Here you can enter the desired name of the customer club price/membership price. Appears in the product box (under full price) on category pages and product pages. The default text is Member Price. ↓

Color settings

Color of "join" buttons

This determines the background color of the button in the Member Benefits box, and the buttons in subsequent enrollment.

Opt-in and opt-out popup

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