Customer loyalty program
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Customer loyalty program

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Article summary

The customer loyalty program is for those who want to offer customers bonus points without offering a whole kundeklubb.

With the Customer Loyalty Program, you can offer your customers bonus points when they shop. Bonus points saved can be exchanged for a discount code at any time and apply this discount code to an order. The exchange is done via My Account in the store.

Looking for "Customer Club"
Information about the "Customer Club" can be found her →

Before you start

Before you start using the Customer Loyalty Program, you must configure your Bonus Points and their value via Configuration > General > Bonus Points

  • How many bonus points per penny?
    E.g.: 100 points per NOK 1000 (1 point per NOK 10)
  • How many kroner discount should each bonus point give?
    E.g.: NOK 50 discount per 100 bonus points, NOK 100 discount per 100 points, etc
  • Should there be a limit to the minimum number of bonus points that can be exchanged for a discount code?
    E.g.: A discount code cannot be created until the customer has accumulated 500 bonus points

Payment methods

When the app is installed, we set it up so that all payment methods can award points. If you have a payment method that should not award points, you can go to Configuration > General > Bonus Points and remove this from "accepted payment methods"

If you enter a new payment method in the shop, this must also be entered in bonus points. 

Example if you have Klarna Checkout, Vipps, and offer gift cards:

  • Pay with vipps ID: vipps
  • Klarna Checkout V3 ID: KlarnaCheckoutV3
  • Payment by gift card ID: giftcard


It is possible to exclude specific manufacturers (brands) from bonus points, so products from these manufacturers do not award bonus points when purchasing.
To set this up, you need to contact customer service.

How to exchange points

Customers can earn their bonus points by logging in to My Account in the online store. Inside My Account it is stated how many points the customer has, what these points correspond to in kroner and a link to exchange these points into discount code.

The code will then be visible to the customer at the same time as it enters the shopping cart so that it is ready for the next shopping round.

How many bonus points does the customer have?

The customer can log in to the online store at any time and go to My Account to see how many points have been earned and how many kroner the points are worth.

The administrator in the online store can see via the customer card how much bonus points are associated with the customer by looking up the customer in the customer register.
The administrator can also see the bonus points history of the customer, i.e. which orders the customer has received bonus points from, as well as the customer's use of bonus points.


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