Customer benefits
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Customer benefits

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Article summary

Learn what membership benefits you can set up for loyalty program members.

Member benefits: Price

Offering members of the customer club more favourable prices will for many be the most important incentive to get started with customer clubs. 

You can either set the customer club price/member price directly on the products, or via the customer group Customer Club. Via the customer group, you can make a mass change of price based on category and/or manufacturer

Learn how to make price adjustments for members

Member benefits: Bonus points

With the Customer Loyalty Program app installed, you can offer bonus points to customers when purchasing products. In combination with the Customer Club , you can now choose to only give bonus points to members of the customer club. Bonus points will then be an advantage for members, and an incentive for customers to become members of the customer club. 

Bonus points are exchanged for discount code via my account/my pages

If you want bonus points to only be awarded to members of the customer club, go to Configuration > General > Customer Club, and find the setting Only award bonus points to customer club members? Set this to YES.

Display of bonus point info on product pages

Bonus points for all ↓

Members-only bonus points ↓

When only members receive bonus points, it is the customer club price that is used as the basis for the number of bonus points - as long as the customer club price is set. If there is no specific customer club price, it is the full price that determines the number of bonus points.

How many points to award based on the price of the product is determined via Configuration > General > Bonus Points. Here you also decide how many kroner each point should correspond to on the discount codes (which are exchanged).

Bonus point specific settings:

  • Point calculation ratios
    The number of bonus points each penny should give. Ex. 0.1 gives 100 points per NOK 1000. 
  • Can cover shipping/fees
    Should discount codes from bonus points be able to cover shipping/fees?
  • Discount calculation ratios
    The number of NOK discounts each bonus point must give. For example, 0.5 gives a NOK 50 discount for 100 points.
  • Limit of use
    Number of bonus points you need before you can use them to get a discount

Member benefits: Shipping

With Customer Club you also have some new options when it comes to shipping. You can now choose to set up one or more loyalty loyalty members-only shipping methods, and/or set your own free shipping rules (on existing members-only shipping methods).

Set up members-only shipping methods

If you want to give logged-in members a separate shipping method (with your own price), do the following:

  1. Go to Configuration > Shipping methods and set up the desired shipping method with the desired name/text and price. E.g. Shipping Customer Club. 

  2. Go to Orders/Customers > Customer groups > End customer and tick the new shipping method (created for customer club) to exclude this for non-members. If you have several customer groups that are not going to get this shipping method, you must do the same on them. ↓

  3. Go to Orders/customers > Customer groups > Customer club and select any "regular" shipping methods that members should not get at checkout.

Enable members-only free shipping

At the Customer Club customer group, you can now activate free shipping specifically for logged-in members. You do this via Orders/customers > Customer groups > Customer club.

You have the same choice here as you have for the general choice for free shipping ↓


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