Creating API key from Tripletex
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Creating API key from Tripletex

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Article Summary

In order to connect the Tripletex integration, we need a user key to retrieve and transfer data.

To create an end-user key, follow the steps below in your Tripletex control panel. 

Enable integrations

  1. Order the additional service "Integrations" via "Company>My subscription. Our customer page)".
    This is done by an account or user administrator in the company.

    The service is available for the Smart & Up package.

  2. Read through the terms and conditions and click "Activate".

Create user key

At any given time, a key can only have the same or less access to the system than the user on whom the key is created.

If you create a key on an employee with access to only log in and keep hours, you will not be able to create a key that can do anything more than this on their employee card.

  1. Go to employee ("Company>Employees>Select Employee") or contact ("Customer>Contacts>Select Contact").
  2. Click on the "API Access" tab.
  3. Click on "New key".
  4. Fill in the required fields.


In this field, you should select the application that you want to have an integration against in the list.
Can't find the application in the list?

You can tick "Custom Setup" and type the application name manually.
This name is given to you by the integration partner or integration developer in the program you want to integrate with.

Custom layout

Next, highlight "Custom Layout".
Here you can choose the accesses that the integration should have.

  • "All accesses" gives the integration access to all accesses. Missing accesses such as the actual user on which the key is created will be locked and unavailable for modification. Nor can they be added unless those accesses are delegated to the employee/contact in question.
  • "Give user key this user's accesses" copies the permissions from the user whose key you are creating the key.
  • "Decide for yourself" will then not grant any access to the integration yet, and you will have to edit the accesses on the key yourself under the API access tab by clicking on the application name in blue.

Application name

This field pops up once you've checked "Custom Layout".
In this field, you can type the same thing under "Application" as the option in the drop-down menu.

Name the key

Here you choose what the application should be called in the user key overview under the API access tab.


5. Click on "Create key"

User key (Employee token)

6. You will now get a new dialog box with a unique key.
This is the user key, also known as "Employee token".

The key appears only once. You are responsible for keeping this key.
We recommend copying the key and emailing it to yourself.

The key you get may differ in format from the one you see in the screenshot below


7. Once you have saved the key somewhere safe, you can tap "OK".
The application will now show up in the overview of API user keys.


Then the link to the integration is set up in Tripletex!

The guide is also available in Tripletex's help center.

Setup in Mystore

1. Enter the new API key in the Mystore control panel under "Apps and AI > Settings and click "Installation Guide" on Tripletex V2 - Support for automatic accounting

2. Click "Get started" so that the guide proceeds to step 2.

3. Paste the key and press "Like this! I've pasted the key"

Avoid conflict with customer number

  1. Log in to Tripletex
  2. Go to Customer - Settings
  3. Set customer number to 100000 

Avoid conflict with invoice number

  1. Log in to Tripletex
  2. Go to Accounting – Accounting settings – Voucher types/number sequences
  3. Make sure that the invoice series does not conflict with your invoice series in the online store. If you are unsure, set this to e.g. 50000. The online store's number sequence starts by default at 6000

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