Create manual order
  • 22 Sep 2023
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Create manual order

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Manuell ordre

  1. Navigate to Orders/Customers > Create manual order
  2. Select an existing customer or fill in information to create a new customer
  3. Click on "Create order"
  4. Fill in and/or check that the customer's information is correct.
  5. Click on "Add item"
  6. Find and select the item to be added to the order
  7. Check that the payment method and shipping method are correct.
    PS! It is not possible to link manual orders to payment methods such as Klarna.
  8. Check "New order confirmation"" to send an order confirmation to the customer.
  9. Click "Save changes". The order will now appear as a new order in the order list.
Note: You cannot connect payment methods such as Klarna Checkout to a manual order.

Manual credit order

1. To create a manual credit order, go to Orders/Customers > Create manual order

2. Then select which customer you want to create a manual order for. Press "Create order".

3. Press "Add item" to retrieve the product(s) to be credited

4. Check that the number in front of the product is a minus.

5. Tap "Save changes".

6. You can now process the order.

Discount on manual orders

If you want to enter a discount on a manual order, you can do so in the following way:

1. Enter the relevant order in order processing

2. Select "Change order"

3. Press the calculator to change the price of the product line or the entire order.

4. Select whether the change should be calculated based on the price incl. VAT or excl. Then subtract the price in percent or NOK.

5. Press "Save changes" and the order is now updated with discount.

Pay with Vipps

When it comes to manual orders, you have two options with Vipps. You can either send a payment request via Vipps to the customer to get immediate payment for the order, or you can link an existing Vipps payment to the order. Below you'll find the steps for each method.

Send Vipps claim

You can let your customer pay with Vipps on your manual orders. Follow the guide below to get started.

1: Create a manual order with the products the customer wants. Select the payment method "Pay with Vipps" or "Vipps". Then save the order.

2: Send the payment request to the customer via the order page. When the customer accepts the request, the payment is linked to the order.

See below how this works in practice.

3: Complete the order as normal to activate the payment.

Deadline for payment

When sending a payment request via Vipps, there is a payment deadline of 8 minutes.

If the customer does not complete the payment in 8 minutes, the request will automatically be canceled by Vipps.

Should this happen, you can safely send a new payment request in the same way. 

The order history will show if/when an order was paid.

Link existing Vipps payments to orders

Sometimes a Vipps order needs to be linked to an existing order without a Vipps ID, or a payment in Vipps needs to be linked to a manual order. This can now be easily solved by linking Vipps ID directly on the order page in the control panel.

1: Press "...or add to existing transaction"

See the approach below

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