Cash points
  • 03 Oct 2023
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Cash points

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Article Summary

All stores enabled after 1 January 2017 support multiple checkout points. If your store is activated before this, you must contact customer service to have this activated.

Create checkout points

The POS points are connected to the users of the POS system. To create a new checkout point, create a user account under settings and log in to the data box with it. This user will be assigned a separate checkout ID that follows the user and the Z-reports will also be associated with this user.

Use of checkout points

Each user account in the store is a separate point of checkout. When you have several iPads in operation, you log in to different user accounts on the iPads. Each user account will receive a separate daily settlement.

Exchange box and contact inventory 

The default amount shown here can be changed in the control panel under the "Settings" > "General". At the end of the checkout sale, count the cash balance and enter it at checkout.

Once you have done this, you will receive a final report on the vote with a comment field.



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