Can you sell goods abroad?
  • 03 Oct 2023
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Can you sell goods abroad?

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Article summary

In this article, we go through how to sell abroad with our solution.

Payment methods


With Klarna Checkout V3 you can sell goods to most countries in the world. Follow the instructions below for steps.

Step 1: Contact to confirm that their deal is set up for global sale. If global is not set up, Klarna needs to know which IBAN number you want to receive payments from foreign orders to. 

Step 2: Set up all relevant currencies in the control panel.

Follow this guide.

Step 3: Make sure to have shipping methods available to all the countries you want to offer. We recommend the shipping method International shipping by weight/price. 

Follow this guide.

Step 4: Select the relevant country in Klarna Checkout, check that there are no error messages and that the currency is displayed correctly. 


PayPal is also an option to offer payment for foreign customers. If you have Klarna Checkout (v3), you can have PayPal as a payment option in Klarna Checkout. If you do not have Klarna Checkout, there will be a payment option in the quick checkout.

Mystore Card Payment (Adyen)

If you use Mystore Card Payment (Adyen Checkout) you will also be able to offer payment to large parts of the world. 

Blocked countries

Bulgaria, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Ukraine 

Foreign currency

If you want to offer customers price displays in more currencies than Norwegian kroner, it is quite possible.

An example of a currency setup can be found below for Swedish Krona.
It becomes a manual job to update this currency value.
Enter the current value and Swedish currency will be activated for Swedish customers.
There is no automatic updating of currency values in our system.
For example, when the value is entered, there must be the following setup: 1.00000000
In other words, eight decimal places after the period.

The setup for Sweden will then be:
Title: Svenska kronor
Code: SEC
Symbol on the left:
Symbol on the right: ,-
Decimal point:
Thousand signs: .
Decimals: 2
Value: This is where you enter the currency of that country.
Show 0 decimal places in store: Select this if you want to show decimal places on price in your online store
Show decimal places at checkout: Select this if you want to show decimal places in checkout

Shipping abroad

Foreign customers must be offered shipping in order to complete an order. To set up shipping abroad, you can install the International shipping option with weight/price.
The shipping method can be found under Configuration > Shipping methods.

and further "See more options"
Here install "International shipping by weight/price"

International shipping by weight/price

The method "International shipping with weight/price" - here you can define several countries, zones and different prices (own price matrices)
Layout example:

Zone 1

Here we have set up an example and defined that in Zone 1 we will have a freight setup to Sweden and Finland.
From 0kg - 2kg - 99,-
From 2kg-10kg - 129,-
From 10kg-35kg - 199,-
If you want the shipping method to be hidden from Norwegian customers, set "Do not show to customers from Norway" to "True"

Zone 2 and 3 -  In zone 2 we have set up an example that we will have a fixed shipping price to Denmark of NOK 199,-. Zone 3 is all other countries besides Denmark, Sweden and Finland "All others".
Here we have entered in the price matrix a fixed shipping price of kr. 299,- on shipments between 0-35kg.


When customers enter the address and select a country other than Norway VAT will be automatically removed at checkout.

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