Campaign Center
  • 03 Oct 2023
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Campaign Center

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Article Summary

The Promotion Center helps you put together and plan future offers on your products.


The Promotion Center is a tool that can help you plan future promotions. A good example is the period for Christmas shopping and especially Black Week, where you often want to have different offers throughout the week.

With the Campaign Centre, you can plan in advance what offers you want to offer. See example below.

  • Monday: 15% on ski equipment
  • Tuesday: 20% on tents
  • Wednesday: 25% on winter gear bike
  • Thursday: 30% on winter clothing
  • Friday: 40% on snowshoes 

Here you can create all campaigns in advance, and then let the Campaign Centre do the rest. 

Note that it's not possible to change the date and time after a campaign is created. Double-check that the date and start/stop time are correct before saving your campaign.

If it becomes necessary to change the date/time, you must first archive the campaign, then you can duplicate the campaign and set a new date/time.

This app cannot be combined with product bundles. The reason is that product packages themselves are a "promotion" where you insert a discount on a packaged product and will not work in the Promotion Center.

Please note that changes you make to the Campaign Centre will not change the products in the product catalogue directly, but will only be a temporary change during the period the campaign is active.


The Campaign Center is not installed by default. It's a free app that you have to install via our app store.
From the control panel, you can get to the app store by clicking on "Apps" in the main menu. Then find the app and click it into the page. There you will find a button "Order app".

Our customer service center will then get a message and install the app for you. You will get a message when it is done.

Campaign Center front page

From the menu item "Product catalog", select the item "Promotion".
You will then be taken to the overview page in the centre. Here all your campaigns will be displayed.

To create a campaign, click on "Create new campaign" and fill in the form.

If you have a lot of campaigns, you can use the search bar "Filter the campaigns". Here you can search by campaign name and/or date. The table updates itself automatically as you type in the field.

The campaigns are grouped by upcoming, active, and archived campaigns in the table. From right to left, the name, description, start date, end date, how many products have been added to the promotion are displayed.

The last column is dynamic and shows different choices for the different groups. For upcoming promotions, options will appear to show all products, add new products, duplicate and archive the campaign.

To the right of the search bar, there is an icon that opens a menu that allows you to instantly enable/disable campaigns. By default, this is done automatically by our platform, so you shouldn't have to do this manually unless absolutely necessary.

Create your first campaign


From the front page in Campaign Center, create a new campaign by tapping "Create new campaign".

You'll be taken to a new page where you'll be presented with a form where you enter your name, time period, and whether you want to associate the campaign with a category.

The name and description are intended for internal use only. Names are required. 

Period of time

Use the calendar to choose the start and end dates. Tap the same date twice if your campaign should have the same start and end dates.

Then select the start and end date times.

Campaigns must have a start date in the future. Minimum next full hour. The end date must be after the start date. 

Here it may be worth knowing that we use the promotional period you provide to automatically start and stop the campaign for you. We check this every 10 minutes. It may then take a few seconds before you notice that the campaign has started/ended. If we experience high demand on our systems, it may take longer.

Therefore, it might be worth waiting a bit to send out an email campaign until you're sure the campaign has started.

You are allowed to create campaigns that cut across other campaigns. However, it is not possible to add products to a campaign where the same product exists in an overlapping campaign.

If you are about to create a campaign that overlaps with another campaign, we will inform you about this.


If you associate your campaign with a category, we'll automatically sync products added to that campaign to that category. For example, if you create a category for Black Friday, you can link it to the Black Friday campaign. If you choose to sync your campaign with a category, you'll see a drop-down menu where you select the category. 

Select. The products are immediately added to the selected category. The offer price will be activated at the start of the campaign. We recommend putting the products in a separate, disabled category, where the Campaign Center activates the category at the start of the campaign. 

When the category syncs, you'll have three choices:

Note: Enabling/disabling category will not work if the category is enabled but set to hidden. 

When you are done filling in the fields, click "Create campaign".

Add products

Here's where you add products to your campaign.

Start by clicking on "Add Products". You'll be taken to a page that lists the available products to add to your campaign.

Here, it's worth bearing in mind that products that you expect to be available may not be. It could be due to several things, but most likely it's because the product has been added to an overlapping campaign.

Here there are two ways to add products.

The first is to click on "Add All Products. All available products will then be added to the campaign. After you've done that, you'll automatically be returned to the page that lists the products added to your campaign.

The second way is to add products one by one by clicking the "Add" button on each row of the table. Then you can also set an offer price on the product. The value you set is either whole dollars or percentages.


Often there are many products available to add to the campaign. At the top of the page, we have therefore created some tools that make it possible to filter the products by manufacturer, category or stock status of products.

Changes you make here affect the table below. But note that the "Add All Products" button has been changed to "Add filtered products".

On the right, you have a search bar where you can search for products by title. 

When you're done adding products, click "Back" next to the drop-down menus for filtering.

Manage products in your campaign

This page shows all products added to the campaign.

The "Add products" button will take you back to the page where you add products. On the right side of this button is a small arrow pointing downwards.

Clicking on it will give you additional options such as adding all products or removing all products from the promotion.

The next button will take you to the overview page for all campaigns.

Global price change

On the right, there's a field you can use to make a percentage price change on all products added to your campaign.

Note that this changes the offer price of all products in the promotion. That's why we've made it so that you need to confirm the change before we do a global update.

Product table
The table shows information that is mostly self-explanatory. However, figures shown in red indicate that a price adjustment has still not been made to the product.

Price adjustment
If you want to make a price adjustment, click in the text field in the row for the product in question and enter a price in percentage or price. That is, number + sign '%' for change in percentage, or an integer for offer price in NOK.

The Profit column shows gross profit as a percentage. This value is displayed only if a price has been registered for the product. The percentage is calculated as follows:

(Gross Margin/Sales Price) x 100 = Gross Profit %

Note that all values in the calculation are excluding VAT. The prices shown in the Price and Promotional Price columns are inclusive of VAT.

On the far right there is a button with an icon of a garbage can that allows you to remove the product from the promotion.


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