Before you start a new stoctaking
  • 03 Oct 2023
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Before you start a new stoctaking

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Article summary

Here you will find a number of practical and important information that is important to review before counting.

Introduction to inventory counting

In this video, we go through what to count, how order statuses and order processing affect the inventory count.

Order statuses that reserve items

A reservation is in practice an item that has been sold, but is still in the warehouse. If you have two in stock, and an order comes in in the online store where someone orders one of them, you have one available, and one reserved.

In order for the system to know which order statuses indicate when in your workflow the items are reserved, you can select order statuses an order can have while the item is still on the shelf in the warehouse.

Usually these are statuses such as "Not processed", "In treatment", "For pick" etc.

In order for the available stock to be correct after counting, it is important that this setup is correct.

How to set up your order statuses

Instructions and precautions

With the new inventory counting service, you are free to start and stop the inventory count whenever you want. Even if you have an active inventory count, ordrebehandlingen være åpen.

How does it work? 

Start the service, choose what you want to count and start counting. As items are counted, they are placed in a list of open counts.

When you feel finished with the count, you go to the overview of open counts and confirm the number. The warehouse will then be updated with the number that was counted. 

You can confirm counting at any time, which means that you can keep an inventory running as long, or card, as you want. 

What should be counted?

As long as an item has not been invoiced/paid for by the customer, it is still the property of the store and must then be included in the count. We therefore recommend that all orders are finalized and the goods are set aside before inventory.
If the store chooses to send / process an order at the same time as counting goods, you must correct the count yourself.

  • Inventory counts shall be carried out of all goods purchased and produced for resale. This means that office equipment, office supplies, tools, operating materials, spare parts and the like used in the business are not counted as inventory.
  • No count shall be made of goods invoiced to the customer before 31 December, but not shipped off at the time of inventory. This means that orders for goods received before, or during, inventory counting should be counted as long as the order has not been processed. If the order has been sent (invoiced customer) but is still in the warehouse, it must not be included in the count.
  • A count shall be made of goods invoiced by the supplier before 31 December but not received at the time of inventory.

Tip before counting! 

  • Plan your inventory count well in advance
  • Clear the warehouse ahead of time
  • Create an inventory inventory instruction if several people are involved in the count
  • All goods must be included on the list, including obsolete goods 
  • Ensure a good system to keep track of what has been spoken and what remains to be done
  • All orders that are ready should be processed before counting starts
  • Processed orders that are not picked up by the carrier when counting starts should be set aside so that they are not counted

Order processing essentials

The service doesn't account for order processing when a count is active. This means that you as a user must adjust the count yourself if you send an item when it is in a count.
We do not recommend processing orders at the same time as you are doing an inventory, but leave this entirely up to the store to decide for yourself. 

Sale in data box by count

If your store has a data box, you can choose to have it open and sell items at the same time as an inventory count is in progress.
If you sell an item that has been counted, it is important that you correct the count for the sale that was made. Such correction must be done manually and does not go automatically if you sell a tent item in the data box.

An employee has counted 10 pieces of a Green sweater. Before the item count is confirmed, an order for 1 piece will be received. Green sweater. If the store then chooses to process the order and send the item to the customer, you must correct the count yourself and subtract the quantity that was sent  In other words, downgrade from 10 to 9.

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