Available stock report
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Available stock report

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Article Summary

Important info! The inventory report is based on available stock and deviations from actual physical stock. We recommend our customers to either use or retrieve an overview via

This help article provides guidance on how to generate and customize an inventory report in your Product catalog. The inventory report gives you an overview of your product inventory and can be very useful for inventory management and planning. Here, we will walk through the steps to create and customize an inventory report.

Step 1: Open the stock report

- Go to "Product Catalog" in your system.

- Select "Inventory" to open the inventory report.

Step 2: Using filters

The inventory report can be customized to show exactly the information you are interested in. Here's how you can apply filters:

- Show all products: You can choose to show all products in your inventory.

- Filter by categories or manufacturers: You can narrow down your results by filtering by specific product categories or manufacturers.

Step 3: Sort the results

- Use the sort function to organize results by product name, inventory, or item number. This makes it easier to find and evaluate the products.

Step 4: Select Information for viewing

- Multiple filters allow you to choose what information you want to include in the report. This helps you create a neat inventory report with the most relevant data.

Step 5: Limit the number of products

- If you only want to see products with a specific number of units in stock, you can narrow down the selection by entering the desired quantity.

Step 6: Generate the report

- When you are satisfied with the filters and settings, you can tap "Generate report" to see the new inventory report.

Step 7: Transfer to Microsoft Excel or Open Office

- If you want to continue working with the data in Microsoft Excel or Open Office, you can easily copy the report and paste it into a spreadsheet using the "Paste" function in Excel or Open Office.

With these steps, you can take advantage of the inventory report to effectively monitor and manage your product inventory. The adaptive nature of the report allows you to create reports that best suit your specific needs and improve your inventory management.

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