Available actions
  • 21 Dec 2023
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Available actions

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Actions make it possible to easily change/customize multiple products in a process.
Actions can be anything from price change to linking products to purchasing.


Looking for a description on a specific action? Use Ctrl+F (Win) or CMD+F  (Mac)  to search the Help article.

Simple actions

By opening the list below you can see all the simple actions and what function they have.

Simple actions at a glance

Reorder point
Place the desired order level on selected products. Requires the extension "Reorder Point"

Change VAT class
Change which VAT class your products are connected to. Useful if you need to change VAT class quickly on products.

Change manufacturer
Let the tool change the manufacturer of selected productsLet the tool change the manufacturer of selected products

Change visibility
Choose whether your products have active, hidden or hidden visibility.

Change button type
Change which button the product has in the online store. For example, you can change from "Buy" to "Contact us" if the product has a long delivery time or is made to order.

Change item group
Change which product group the product belongs to. Les mer om varegrupper.

HS Code
If you are going abroad, HS code is often required. This action allows you to add HS tags to multiple products at once.

Adjust store price
Increase or decrease the store price of your products as a percentage or in dollars. You can also re-price the products.

Adjust input price
Increase or decrease the price in percentage or NOK. Very useful if products from a supplier increase their prices by a given percentage.

Adjust output price
Increase or decrease the price in percentage or NOK. Useful if, for example, you need to make a quick adjustment of prices.

Add or change inventory groups
Change the inventory group to which your products are connected. Useful if you work a lot with overselling or longer delivery times on selected products.

Transfer Minimum Inventory to Reorder Point
If you are a new user of "Order Level" but have previously used "Minimum Inventory", this action can be used to transfer values from ML to Order Level.

Related products
Here you can choose to add or remove related products from the products you've filtered for. The action lets you open the product catalog to add one or more related products.

Delete the selected products system.
NB! This action is not undoable.

Visibility in POS (POS)
Determine what visibility your products have at checkout. Choose between hidden and visible.

If you have a tag you want to add to multiple products at once, you can use this action to do it quickly and efficiently. Les mer om tags.

Advanced actions

Below you will find an explanation of the more advanced actions. Several of these actions require you to decide on a few more choices.

Change category

Change which category the product belongs to.

NB! Remember to make sure you choose the right course of action when changing the category.

  • Add adds the products to the desired category, without affecting the existing placement.

  • Replace with replaces existing products in the category of the selected products.

  • Remove from removes the products from the selected category.

Special Price / Offer

Use this action to put your products on offer.

  • Action: Choose whether you want to give a discount in dollars, percentage, set a new price. You can also choose to deactivate the offer and delete the sale price of the product.

  • Discount: Enter what discount you want to give. The action above determines whether a percentage or amount is added.

  • Offer ends: Choose how long the offer will be active.

  • The offer is: Choose whether the offer should be active or deactivated.

Automate offers?

If you need to automate an offer ,kampanjesenteret might be for you.

Translate description

If you have multiple languages in your online store, this action can translate the product description for you. Works if you have existing description and want to translate it into multiple languages.

Translation essentials

To translate content, it requires that the store has språkpakke installed.

Transfer to procurement

This action allows you to transfer the selected products to purchase, but only a few keystrokes. Extra powerful when combined with bestillingsnivå - then you can easily transfer products with order level to purchase 💪

After selecting products and selecting the action "Transfer to purchase", the system will find which supplier each product belongs to on the products.


In the upper-left corner, the supplier name is displayed where the products will be transferred.
On the right side of the same row is a button to disable transfers to this provider.

The first drop-down menu allows you to choose from all available purchase orders in draft status.
If the vendor has no purchase order in Draft status, a new purchase order will be created. This is indicated by the text " No existing purchase order found, a new draft will be created".

Choose how many of each product should be transferred to purchase.
NB! You cannot choose different quantities per product, all products transferred to this supplier will be transferred in the same quantity.

Type of transmission:

  • Adding new products
    Adds only products that aren't already on the purchase order

  • Update existing products
    Updates only those products that are already in the purchase order

  • Add new and update existing products
    Adds new products and updates (increments) quantities of products already in the purchase order

Include variants with less or the same available stock
Mass change does not support performing actions only on specific variants.
With this option, you can customize a little on how variants are to be transferred.

  • -1, which is standard, will ensure that all variants related to a product are transferred to the purchase order, regardless of inventory.

  • 0 or more will check if the available stock is less or equal to the selected quantity.


If you select 4 pieces in the field for "Include variants with..." only variants that have 4 or less in stock will be transferred to the purchase. Anything above 4 will be excluded from the transfer.

Use order level to include variants
If enabled, only variants that have reached their order level will be transferred to purchase orders.

This option requires the store to use and have set up the service " Bestillingsnivå"

Different suppliers

What if the products belong to different suppliers? No problem!
If you choose several products and these belong to different suppliers, you will get each supplier with its own settings in the setup of the action.

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