Automatic invoice sending in Tripletex
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Automatic invoice sending in Tripletex

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Article summary

Automatic sending of invoices provides a better and more efficient flow when processing orders.
This setup also allows manual orders to be transferred to Tripletex as an invoice and then sent automatically to the customer. 


  • More efficient processing of orders, especially manual orders.
  • All orders receive an invoice date the moment they are transferred to Tripletex. This in turn provides a better basis for reports in Mystore.
  • All orders, even manual ones, receive invoice numbers in Mystore. 
  • No need to process orders in Tripletex. 

Payment methods

What payment methods should send an invoice?
This is up to each store, but the payment modules that receive payment and/or send invoices themselves do not need to send out invoices from Tripletex.

For example, it is not necessary to send an invoice from Tripletex if the customer has paid with Klarna as the customer receives an invoice directly from Klarna. 

If your store itself will send out invoices, e.g. to corporate customers, it will be appropriate to choose that the payment method for invoice should have automatic dispatch.

A rule of thumb is that customers should only receive one invoice.

To set up payment modules: 

    1. Log into the Control Panel and go to Apps > Settings
    2. Look or search for "Tripletex V2 - Support for automatic accounting"
    3. Click on "Installation Guide"

 Click on to step 4 of the installation guide and choose whether the payment method should send an invoice from Tripletex:

Direct link
You can go directly to step 4 using the following URL, just replace "" with your domain:
Changes to the configuration are saved continuously, so you do not need to complete the next steps in the installation guide for the change to take effect.

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