Apply and setup external gift cards
  • 11 Jan 2024
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Apply and setup external gift cards

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Apply for BAX-Number

In order to use external gift cards on Datakasse (POS), you need access to a BAX-number. This number links all transactions
performed through the gift card provider to your payout account. BAX is an agreement between the merchant and the bank.

To initiate the application for a BAX number:

  1. Fill out this form submit it to us.

  2. We will forward this to your bank, which will request a digital signature in the online banking system.

  3. Your bank will send the signed form to Nets for the creation of the BAX number.

  4. Once your BAX number is created, you will receive it from your bank.

  5. Submit your BAX number to

  6. We will then send your BAX number and BIN on gift cards to your payment processor to
    link it to your payment terminal.

This is a process that may take some time as multiple parties are involved.

I want more external gift cards at my data box

If you wish to have several gift cards activated, you just have to obtain the BIN-Number from the gift card issuer and send this with your BAX-Number to as mentioned above. Once you have a BAX-Number it is extremely easy to add additional external gift cards. 

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