Advanced reseller solution
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Advanced reseller solution

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Article Summary

Advanced reseller solution allows you to set up customer groups to offer unique rates, products, payment methods, and shipping methods to selected customer groups.

Ordering and setup

  1. The app can be ordered via our appstore.
  2. Once the app is ordered, our customer support will be notified and install the app for you.
  3. You will receive an email stating that the installation is complete and the service is ready for use.
  4. Once the app is installed, you must follow the instructions below to set up the service to work the way you want.

Add customer groups

  1. Go to your control panel and open the following page "Orders/customers > Customer groups"
    Here you can create customer groups, such as resellers

End customers are the default customer group and can't be removed, but you can adjust the display of payment methods and shipping methods.

  2.   To add a new cune group, press "Add new group"

  3. You will then be taken to the following page, here you will set up the customer group.  

  • Name of new customer group: Here you can, for example, write dealers, corporate customers, etc.
  • Do you want to make a price change: Here you choose what prices the customer group should get.
    If you only want to give a discount on certain products and categories, leave this blank, this function will give a discount on all products.
  • Separate customer group category: Here you decide whether the customer group should get its own category, where you can put products in.
    You can also decide that the customer group should only see this category.

  4. When you have set up the customer group as you want, click on "Create customer group", you will then be taken to "Orders/customers > Customer groups" again.

All the options in step 3 can be set up retrospectively.

Price adjustment

You can change the price in two different ways, either individually or by a mass treatment. Price adjustment of customer group prices is not the same as discount/offer, which you can turn on and off, but permanent change of price for given customer group.


  1. Go to "Product Catalogue > Products"
  2. Find the product you want to change the price of
  3. Click "Edit" on the product and scroll down to "Customer groups"
  4. Here you can then appreciate for your different customer groups on the specific products. 


Mass processing

  1. To adjust the price of a customer group, click on "Change" on the right side of the customer group you want to adjust the price of.
  2. Then you will be taken to the page where you can change the customer group, at the top you should tick "Adjust the price of the products", and you will get more choices.
  3. When adjusting the price, you need to determine the following:
    -Adjust price by: What price should be the starting point for the change
    - How: 
    Do you want to deduct percentages or dollars
    - How much: How
    much do you want to deduct in dollars or percentages

    -Filter: Here you can specify which category and manufacturer will be affected by the change.

You can choose between changing prices for all categories at once, or one category at a time. As of now, you cannot select multiple categories per adjustment. 


NOTE! If you add new products, they don't automatically get a customer group price. This means that you have to adjust the price for these manually or make a new mass adjustment of the price.

Customer group prices can also be changed via Import/Export Product CSV

Don't show these shipping methods

Here you can choose which shipping methods you want to exclude for the customer group.
If you want to offer a specific shipping method, this must first be added via Configuration > Shipping methods and then excluded for the customer groups that should not see this shipping method (End customers eg.)

Don't show these payment methods

If there are payment methods you do not wish to offer to this customer group, they can be excluded here. These are payment modules added via Configuration > Payment modules. 

Klarna Checkout is not a payment method in this context. If you have Klarna Checkout, but want customer groups to go to the Quick Checkout/Business checkout (where these payment methods appear), you may have a separate button for your business checkout.

Alternatively, if you want all customer group customers (except end customers) to automatically arrive at the business checkout when they click "Checkout", we can enable such a link, then you do not need a separate button for the business checkout. 

Please let Customer Service know which option you would like and we will take care of the rest.

The Quick Checkout/Business Checkout looks like this:


Choose whether customers in this customer group should see the prices excl. or ink. VAT.
If there are corporate customers/resellers, you would like to show the prices excluding VAT. VAT is always added/made visible in checkout.

Category view

Here you have two choices, and these can be combined.

Separate customer group category

If you want a unique category tree for this customer group, tick the box for your own customer group category. With this option, a main category with the same name as the customer group will be created. It is only possible to have one main category per customer group, but you can create additional subcategories associated with the main category. 

Show only customer group categories (Hides all other categories from customers in this group)

Choice number two asks whether the customers in the customer group should only see their unique categories, or whether all categories in the online store should be available to this customer group.  

Do you want customers to have the customer group category as their home page when they log in? Let customer service know and we'll take care of it.

Customer group categories will be located at the bottom of Product catalogue > Products

Products are added to the categories as normal. See help article for creating products

Connect customers to customer groups

If you allow new customers to register themselves through your online store, then all new customers will automatically sign up as end customers.
You then access the customer card via Orders/customers > Customers and select the desired customer group.

Alternatively, you can

  1. Send out registration link via Orders/customers > Customers > + NEW CUSTOMER
  2. Set up automatic linking based on email address/domain via Orders/Customers > Customer Groups. In the pictured example, all customers who register with a email address will automatically be linked to the customer group Reseller A

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