Advanced inventory management
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Advanced inventory management

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Article Summary

With Advanced Warehouse Management installed in your online store, you can set up inventory groups with unique rules that make it easier to keep a good flow of products and inventory.

Define the inventory rules in the Control Panel before use

Before using advanced warehouse management, it is important to change the main settings in the control panel. This must be done in order to avoid a conflict in inventory management. 

Inventory rules in the Control Panel

Navigate to Configuration > General > Inventory status. From here, modify the following inventory rules. 

  1. Let the customer order even if it is free in stock set to "No"
  2. Not allowed purchase of out-of-stock variants is set to "Yes"

Inventory view on product page

If stock status is not visible on product page, you can go into Design > Your Design > Design Settings and further under Product page > General Settings you will find the Show truck icon under product title which you set to "On".

Create inventory rules at the product level

Once the warehouse rules in the control panel are set up correctly, you can start by creating your own inventory rules on the products. This is done via the "Inventory Groups" tab.
All new products get inventory group ID: 1 by default.

Create new inventory groups

To create a new stock group, click on the drop-down menu, then press "Select / create new group".

Example 1: Overselling with default lead time

Example 2: Overselling with 3-5 days delivery time

Example 3: Allow overselling of a given number of products

If you want to allow overselling of a given number of products, you can create a custom status based on stock count. In the example below, overselling of a total of 3 products is allowed, i.e. the product can be sold until the balance is -2.

The inventory rules should be like this:

See how the rules are added

Change inventory rules via bulk editor

With the "Bulk Editor" tool, you can quickly and easily change inventory groups on selected products. You can find the "Bulk Change" tool by navigating to Product Catalog > Bulk Editor in your control panel. See how this is done.

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