Administrators and groups
  • 05 Oct 2023
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Administrators and groups

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Article Summary

To have access to the control panel in Mystore, you need an administrator/user account.
Administrators can further be divided into groups if you want to give users different levels of access.

Under Configuration > Administrators, it shows who has admin access to your store. Here you can add, change, and remove administrators.

Add user

To add a new user, open the menu, go to administrators and click "Add user".

  1. Open the side menu
  2. Go to "Configuration"
  3. Proceed to "Administrators"

Then select "Add user" in the upper right corner.

From this page, one can see all users, search for users, view details and much more.

  1. Add user
  2. View the details of the user

Groups and permission level

Users may have different levels of access based on which group they are in. 

In the menu item "Administrator groups" you get the groups and what access level these have.
It is possible to change, for example, Marketing Manager and Sales Assistant or create a new group and adjust access under Access level.

Step 1

You can reach the groups by clicking on the menu item on the left (1) or in the Actions menu (2)

Step 2

Then grant the permissions you want for the specific group and select "Save changes"


 Employee card

Employee cards can be used in the data box to easily change employees when entering orders.
To generate cards, go to Actions > Employee Cards

From here you can select "Generate PDF for printing" to generate cards for all employees, or you can generate only to specific employees by selecting "Selected employees".

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