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  • 03 Oct 2023
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Add variant

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Do you need to divide your products into sizes, colors, or other variations? Then you can add variants. You can enter stock balance, item number, EAN, price, weight and pictures on the variants.

How to add variants

Before the variant can be added to the product, a variant template must be created. This is created in the control panel via Product catalogue > Variants. Here you click on Add variant and enter the name of the variant you want to create.   This can be e.g. Size

The default variant type is Drop-down menu

Use subgroups

Subgroups are a great way to keep track of their different varieties. For example, in the Sizes variant category, you may want to add subgroups called Shoe sizes , Dresses, Trousers , etc. This helps you keep track of which products are associated with the variants. 

We recommend not using the same variant (name) in multiple subgroups of the same variant category if you want to uniquely sort the variants in the different subgroups.

Deletion of variants

It is only possible to delete variants that are not in use on some products. Variants that are ready for deletion will have a red cross, i.e. there are no products associated with it.

If a variant has a black cross, it means that it is still on one or more products, and must be removed from the products first. A list of which products they are associated with will appear in the dialog box that appears when you try to delete the variant (click on the black cross).

Link variant to product

To associate variants with products, open the Variants tab when editing the product. Here you first select the variant category - size, color etc - then add the desired values of the selected variant category (Small, Medium etc). For example, if you have specified sizes from XS to XXL, but only want the given product to have XL and upwards, you only choose those values. Once the desired variants have been added to the product, simply update the product. The variants will then be visible on the product page in the webshop. 

Sorting variants

Variants can be sorted so that they appear in the desired order on the products. Sorting is done via Product catalogue > Variants. Tap the Sort button, either under the variant categories to sort the categories, or below the variant values to sort the order shown in the drop-down menu on the product pages. You can drag and drop the variations in any desired order. 

Inventory management

Warehouse management is enabled on a per-variant tab, and lets you define inventory balances per variant. If you select the Size variant tab to have inventory management and add four sizes to a product, you can then enter specific inventory balance per size. This way, you can keep track of which of the variants are out of stock and prevent the sale of variants beyond inventory.

Using inventory management, you can also define the purchase price for the different variants, if there is a difference. This is done in the Variants tab under Warehouse management


Article number and EAN on variants

If you enable inventory management on variants, you should add unique item numbers per variant, as each variant is fundamentally a unique product. There may also be problems with Klarna/Vipps if there are no unique article numbers, e.g. on an order with several variants of the same main product. 

EAN codes can also be entered per variant.

These are entered via the variants tab in the product editor, at the bottom of the page:

Surcharge and cost

Different variants may have different costs and different prices. If you want to adjust the price per variant, you can add an additional price to the variants. The surcharge will be displayed in the drop-down menu with the variants, and the price of the product will update accordingly.  

Note! Additional charges are added excluding VAT

If you have different prices for all or some variant values, this can be entered in the same table as the article number and ean codes. If all variants have the same price, it is sufficient to enter a price for the main product (base product). The price of the variant requires that inventory management is selected.


If you have different weights on the variants, this can be entered per variant. If there is an equal weight for all variants, it is sufficient to enter the weight of the main product.

NB! Weight is entered in grams.

Different type of variant

There are several types of varieties that can be used for various purposes:

  • Drop down menu

    Default drop-down menu with defined values
  • Text field, small/large

    Allows the customer to enter the desired text. Can be used for products with engraving, personal print or similar.
  • Image upload

    Allows the customer to upload an image associated with the product. Own printing on the product for example. Max 8 MB per photo

Images on variant

You can associate different product images with different variants, so customers get an accurate picture of the variations. The main image on the product page will then be changed as the customer selects the variant. For example, if you have a garment in different colors, you can link the pictures with the different colors to the corresponding variant.

  1. Tap Add photo
  2. Tap the desired variant category, then tap Enable photo upload
  3. You now get a new column with a camera icon per variant/value. Click the add photo icon
  4. Remember to save/update the product, either at the top or bottom of the product page

Hide variants from your online store

If you have stock-managed variants or variant combinations that you do not want to show in your online store, we recommend that you hide them instead of deleting them from the product. This is because upon deletion you will lose inventory history and any links to inventory counts and purchase orders will be lost.

To hide a variant, click on the "Variants" tab inside the product and scroll down to this image where you can choose to hide variants:

As soon as you have saved the change, the variant - in this case size W / color black - will be hidden from the online store and no longer possible for the end customers to buy.

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